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Can anyone recommend a good potty training book?

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mummytomatildaandrose Sun 28-Nov-10 18:05:36

My DD is 2 and has just started to tell me when she is doing a wee or a poo. I've held off potty training because she isn't walking yet (that's a long story on the walking front, but we're getting there!). But now I'm just thinking that she is hating having a nappy and I really want to read a good guide to potty training. Any ideas?

JellyBelly10 Mon 29-Nov-10 11:09:59

We used Gina Ford's "Potty Training in One Week" for both our DS's and both were literally trained in one week! I know Gina Ford isn't everyone's cup of tea, but she really worked for us. You have to follow it exactly though, literally plan your week out exactly as she tells you to...don't deviate from the daily plans!! Well we didn;t anyway, and it worked perfectly for us.
The only slight problem we had was with DS2 who took a few days more to be convinced of doing poos on the toilet, but apart from that the Gina Ford approach worked for us brilliantly. You can get hold of her book on Ebay quite easily.

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