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Red Rosatia like rash on face bady bum etc

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gipsyhillmum Sat 27-Nov-10 09:28:49

My son started getting a rash on his face a month ago. It started red, hot and quite angry looking. I took him to the dr and they prescribed different ointments and hydracortisone cream - nothing works. Now its spread to his torso and he has dry but not red patches else where. Im hoping its a teething rash but it looks like it could be excema. Just wondered if anyone else has had similar symptoms? It does seem to flare up and go down but I cannot see a pattern as to why - temperature, food etc? confused Dr's useless BTW!

welshbyrd Sat 27-Nov-10 12:38:56

My DD had the same, I even thought she had slap cheek disease.

Turned out it was teething rash

She had it for ages,a good 2 months

Im sure he will be fine soon

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