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when to send back to nursery after ear infection?

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Tatler1 Wed 24-Nov-10 12:17:44

my dd has not been well for a few weeks now. She had a cold/cough which turned in to a ear infection. She's also had a very high temperature. Doc has prescribed antibiotics which has helped and her fever's is being sorted by paracetmol/ibuprofen. She hasnt eaten since sat morning (4 days now) but is taking milk and fluids (water and juice). She is sleeping lots and is obvious that rest is working.
Her antibiotics course is due to finish on Sat.
I am teacher and we are being inspected by ofsted next week and so work is stressfull and any time off is looked down upon. Ive already had 3 days off a few weeks ago to look after my dd to which my HR manager and Deputy head said there have been concerns about my attendance due to childcare issues. My husband has already taken time off and cannot get anymore. We dont live anywhere near any family to help. Ive said to work that Im staying at home to look after my dd for the next two days and have forefeited my wages for those days to compensate for any supply teachers.

I am so worried. Work is stressful and need to be in next week because im letting people down. Will my litte dd be ok to go back to nursery? Will she get her appetite back? (she's lost so much weight already!)

any advice? will be much appreciated.


Lotster Wed 24-Nov-10 18:19:58

I would think Monday would be fine but how old is she? Just asking because I'd say different things for a 10 month old than I would a three year old!

Also how supportive is your nursery and does she enjoy it as a rule?

Tatler1 Thu 25-Nov-10 00:10:04

my dd is 18months and normally really enjoys nursery. They are brill and supportive in giving meds and care, etc.

we are so exhausted and worried. not easy seeing your little girl getting thinner from not eating.

Lotster Thu 25-Nov-10 15:30:26

Yes, that's true. I have experience a bit of this although not quite as bad.

I would send her, and be on standby to leave work if you have to. Make sure they understand you are making a big effort not to let them down and although you can't guarantee not having to dash off to get her, if they see you've made every effort what else can you do?

For your little one, she might make the attempt to eat more being back in that normal routine, seeing other kids eating etc. One thing I've found with my two is that sometimes bad or fussy eating and sleeping habits can form after cold, virus, infections etc., so it may well be what she needs.

I'd also pack her a good variety of things she really likes for the first day, particularly when she's adjusting back to the environment, then ease back in to your normal offerings over the rest of the week. Fluids will be top priority too.

Maybe worth checking on Friday if there's anything nasty gone round the nursery this week as she'll be run down and poss more likely to catch things?

dikkertjedap Thu 25-Nov-10 21:58:37

Doctors usually say that they can go back as long as they have been 48 hours without fever (without calpol and calprofen or similar medication!). If they still need medication to control fever, they should stay home of course. Sorry that you are in such a difficult situation.

Tatler1 Thu 25-Nov-10 23:39:32

thanks for advice. will def send dd in on mon with things she likes. Although we had a breakthrough today - dd had some lunch and dinner so hopefully by mon she'll be back to eating like a horse!!

work has contacted me since and told me to take the time necessary and not to worry. so things are looking up!!

thank you all!

Lotster Fri 26-Nov-10 15:02:05

Great news all round!!

And now off to the docs with mine... It's that season again <sigh>

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