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reflux and lactose intolerance

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nanny2mummy Tue 23-Nov-10 11:11:40

How do you get a GP to help regarding these?
My GP just keeps saying it's OK and normal.
I think my 4 month old might be lactose intolerant but my GP doesn't want to hear it.
I really want him to try hipoalergenic milk but gp says there is no need
He brings up loads of milk at every feed and has a lot of wind. Gp gave him gaviscon, and it is not helping he is still being sick after every feed
I am frustrated and angry, why don't they listen
Is it so bloody hard to prescribe one can of hipoalergenic milk and see if that helps
If I could just buy the milk I would but been told it is prescription only
Grrrrrrrr so mad

Has anyone tried other routes with this? Cranial osteopathy? How does that help and did it help at all.
Thanks for any advice

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