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Has anyone got a child who has (does?) bruxism please?

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ItalianLady Mon 22-Nov-10 16:21:26

Initial thread

ragged Mon 22-Nov-10 19:03:26

You mean teeth grinding? I think that there are a lot of previous threads on it. I was a chronic teeth grinder, my guard is quite uncomfy so am just lumbering along. My parents never did anything about it.

ItalianLady Mon 22-Nov-10 19:52:48

Yes, I will be getting her a guard as soon as she is old enough. I had one but for some stupid reason threw it out when I was tidying.

krisskross Mon 22-Nov-10 19:58:46

hi there
just looked at previous thread. I started tooth grininding when doing teacher training few years back. i was completely unaware of it- but very aware of terrible headaches all over my head, thought they were stress induced. eventually a sensible dentist sent me to the dental hospital who agreed with first dentist- made a guard and as long as i wear it if i feel stressed its fine (ive literally chewed through 4 of them).
dentist said if i was ever aware of doing it in day to put my tongue resting between top and bottom teeth so i couldnt grind.

its v odd with the headaches beacuse they dont feel related to the jaw- but generally they dont occur with the guard so must be it.
other advice was- no chewing gum, no chewing pens, no toffees etc.
Good luck!

krisskross Mon 22-Nov-10 20:00:19

ps never put a guard in a prob wouldnt be stupid enough to but i was, £60 quid nicely melted.....blush

ItalianLady Mon 22-Nov-10 20:03:19


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