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8 yr old with hives for nine months

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charitymum Sun 21-Nov-10 23:25:15

DD has had hives on and off for nine months. She has also had erethyma multiform (red rash) and some lip swelling. She had blood tests for six months ago that showed akk normal results. She is well in herself - eats and has energy. Some leg pain at night but like her sister she is flat footed and pain very similar to what big sis leg ache.

Doc thinks it is a response to viruses and certainly symptoms get worse with colds.

Current round has neded short term steroids and rash has left bruises. No temp and happy as larry now steroids stopped itching.

Anyone else got any experience of this? Rational head telling me that nothing sinister e.g. Cancer or lupus going on but can't help but worry. Also worry about how long shell have this and risks of airways problems (none yet thankfully).

All advice greatly appreciated as it is starting to wear us down.

blinks Mon 22-Nov-10 01:52:46

does she take regular anti-histamines also?

charitymum Mon 22-Nov-10 18:39:03

She is taking Ceterazine and Loratadine regularly and Piriton during out-breaks.

They have just prescribed Singulaire. Has anyone any experience of this?

lanni Mon 22-Nov-10 18:41:29

she could be allergic to something I had trouble during my childhood with hives because of bananas I was about 16 when we figured that out.

josiecat Mon 22-Nov-10 22:47:09

My DD(7) has also had hives just like this since Easter. I posted here last week during an outbreak. She was still itchy after taking anti-histamines. She has Cetirazine every day. Have seen allergy clinic with no joy, now being referred to dermatology. It looks horrendous. So frustrating too, as soon as it gets near the time of her next dose she just breaks out all over.

beebuzzer Mon 22-Nov-10 22:50:13

My DD is one and gets hives on and off. She has several food allergies and bad eczema. She is under a dietician and a dermotologist. so I have put it down to that. That's what it sounds like. Has she had any breathing problems when she gets them?

beebuzzer Mon 22-Nov-10 22:52:23

Has she been tested for food allergies?

sharbie Mon 22-Nov-10 22:59:03

Don't know if this is of any help but i had this exactly about 20 years ago when i was in my early 20s.started from nowhere no history of any allergies etc, went to gp and was prescribed triludan (which i believe is now withdrawn) piriton would do nothing for me.i had hives constantly for nine months (althought the tablets would make them go down slightly) and was ref to dermatologist (useless) and went to complimentary medicine clinic via bupa (strict exclusion diet reccommended after having electronic accupuncture) again made no diff.I was eventually told that it would just go after a while and it did after exactly nine months but also remember that one pharmacist told me it could be that it comes back as something else (i was diagnosed with ME 8 years ago). Don't know if there is anything still current in any of this info but your thread struck a chord with me as it was exactly like my experience of hives.

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