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GP or not?

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VivaLeBeaver Mon 15-Nov-10 15:28:24

DD has had slightly runny poo for a few days now. She's throwing up today. Worst thing is the smell though - not of the poo or sick but she has a really odd general smell, almost like rotting flesh.

We were in Egypt 3 weeks ago and she got a very bad tummy bug there but got over the counter antibiotics while out there and they worked.

She's had tummy bugs before but not this wierd smell. She's the other end of the sofa from me and is stinking the room out.

PixieOnaLeaf Mon 15-Nov-10 15:30:33

Message withdrawn

VivaLeBeaver Mon 15-Nov-10 15:39:08

Thanks, will ring in the morning. No chance of an appt for today.

PixieOnaLeaf Mon 15-Nov-10 15:43:59

Message withdrawn

oddgirl Mon 15-Nov-10 15:54:55

Could be giardia which has a particularly distinctive and horrible smell...she should be seen really and samples taken to see what pthe problem is.

VivaLeBeaver Mon 15-Nov-10 16:23:12

Thanks, I've rung the GP and no appts left for today. Will have to ring tomorrow first thing for an appt.

NHS will probably only say to go to a&e and I don't think she's that ill. Just googled giardia and it does seem to fit.

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