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2 year old with night cramps

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babymutha Sat 13-Nov-10 23:37:35

DD keeps working up with terrible pain in her legs and feet. Any ideas?

MrsNonSmoker Sun 14-Nov-10 00:30:20

My DD has had that from age 2 and is now 9, still gets it, I understand its a form of growing pain, worse than cramp. Socks might help, other than that, sympathy. Google growing pains and see what you get?

mama2mooandbabymoo Mon 15-Nov-10 15:01:49

My 2.5yo has been getting growing pains for a while now. Its always at night and always the same place.

We give her Calpol and get her to walk around for a while and they usually go.

Now she is older it is worse as she really doesnt like pain so we have got some Calprofen (she hasnt had one since we bought it so I dont know if its any good!)

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