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23 mo old constantly ill

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spotofcheerfulness Fri 12-Nov-10 07:34:48

i know that toddlers get everything going around, but my DS has literally picked up every single upper respiratory tract infection you could want. He has had 2 lots of antibiotics in the last month, and literally a couple of days of feeling good after finishing the course before getting another bug.
Everyone keeps telling me it's good for his immune system but it feels the opposite as he never has a chance to get well before he catches the next thing. Is there anything i can do to help stop him getting so many colds/coughs/ear/chest infections or should i just accept it'll end sometime...

USoRight Fri 12-Nov-10 17:26:22

Apart from the usual stuff like good diet, plenty of vitamins, sleep, probiotics etc. the only thing that makes any sense is to ensure he fully recovers from one illness before putting him back into an environment where there are a lot of bugs lurking. What he is doing is piggy backing infections - getting one after the other, probably because he is still run down from the first bug.

Of course, sometimes it just isnt possible to allow that extra time away from nursery or a childminder/playgroup to get back to full fitness, and even if you can, often their are siblings bringing everything back home anyway! Short of keeping him in a bubble there is not much more you can do, you are just in a no win situation at this time of the year - sorry - not much help!

spotofcheerfulness Sun 14-Nov-10 12:01:18

Thanks for replying, I am trying to do all the above, but it is quite tricky in this weather as we both get a bit cabin fever-ish and need to go out to playgroups etc to give us both a break! I won't go if he's got more than a sniffle, but even that seems to develop into something more full-on. You're probably right `i just need to sit it out as it's the time of year. It's just that I'm expecting another DC in December and am dreading DS passing on all his germs (and requiring loads of extra TLC and attention for being ill too). Hey ho...

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