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Discoloured tooth after a fall

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grapesandmoregrapes Thu 11-Nov-10 15:07:58

My DD 2.5 had a bad fall a few weeks ago, and knocked 3 of her teeth backwards.

The dentist said they weren't fractured and will be fine, however, I have noticed in the last week that one of the teeth is slightly grey. I know that this can happen if the root is damaged.

Has anyone come across anything similar? what happened to the tooth, did it have to be removed?


DooinMeCleanin Thu 11-Nov-10 15:14:06

dd1 did this when she was four but fractured her gum and severed the nerve to her front teeth.

Our dentitst explained that they teeth may or may not go black and my or may not fall out. But they wouldn't need taking out.

He also told us that her adult teeth might be slightly damaged when they grow so keep an eye on them.

Her teeth fell out on their own about a year ago and her adult ones seem fine, upto now.

grapesandmoregrapes Thu 11-Nov-10 15:43:02

Thank you I'm taking her back to the dentist tomorrow, but not so worried now.

KurriKurri Thu 11-Nov-10 20:00:07

My DD did this when she was also about 2. fell and knocked the front tooth back up into the gum. When it re emerged, it was grey, but it got a bit lighter as time went on. It didn't fall out or need to be removed, and her adult tooth came through undamaged. HTH

tudorrose Thu 11-Nov-10 20:13:08

DD2 did this with one of her front teeth, she fell on the path in May and banged it hard. Dentist said it should be fine but over the past few months it has got more and more grey and is now wobbly.

We went to the dentist again today just for a check up and were told it will probably fall out soon. The dentist told us that hopefully her new tooth has not been damaged, but until it grows through (or doesn't grow through) they can't do anything.
We just have to wait and see and she will probably have a gap for a while!

EmmaLM Thu 11-Nov-10 20:16:17

I did this when I was little. When my second tooth came through it had a small mark on it, like a bruise. It's not noticeable at all and is perfectly healthy. I wouldn't worry - I'm sure she'll be fine.

Quiltingmoomin Fri 12-Nov-10 03:00:20

I did it too and while my milk teeth dropped out soon afterwards no one has ever said my adult ones are wierd - but then again maybe they're being kind...

MrsDeanWinchester Fri 12-Nov-10 03:35:02

My DS1 did this when he was 2 and it took a long time for it to go completely black but it eventually did - then an abcess formed on his gum - 3 courses of antibiotics and it just kept coming back. He had to have the tooth taken out a month or so ago (at 5y 11m) and we just have to wait and see if his adult tooth is going to come in okay.

I hope it's better news for your DD.

My DS1 is fine now - very cute gappy smile!

mummyinlaw Fri 12-Nov-10 11:15:00

Ditto to all of the other Mum's posts. My Son fractured four of his top teeth in a fall at 2. We were told exactly the same by the dentist. At almost 7 they are still all there and fine - we suspect they will probably be the last milk teeth to fall out!! The good thing was it got him into an NHS dentist early and him having regular checks later than he probably would have done. Try not to worry.

grapesandmoregrapes Fri 12-Nov-10 14:44:42

Took her to the dentist today, he said its normal to have discolouration after trauma to the teeth and nothing to worry about.

If it starts to hurt her or the discolouration gets significantly worse then it may have to be removed, so fingers crossed it will be fine.

Thanks for all your replies, feel better knowing that this is quite common.

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