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My 11 year old is a very fussy eater!!!

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Ladyemem Thu 11-Nov-10 10:33:21

My ds who's 11 has been a nightmare with food since he was 2 years old. I am beginning to wonder if he will ever eat normally and am worried about how it might effect his health. He is very bright and very sporty so it hasn't effected him there. He is very slim.
Basically he only eats the following foods

bread, milk, cereals, banana, some pizza but likes to scrape off the topping, toast with marmite/jam or peanut butter, Yoghurt, mc donalds chips only, ready meal spagetti with meatballs and like most children he like sweets/chocs/crisps. That's basically it. He never eats a hot meal with a knife and fork.
He says he doesn't like other foods but he has never even tasted them!!!!! It's almost like he has a food phobia. What can i do????

Teenagedream Thu 11-Nov-10 15:21:44

My DS who's 12 is also a very fussy eater and has been since a baby. He is a twin and his sister eats most things.

In a way I have given up - he is healthy and sporty although small for his age. He gets enough food but very limited diet. I try introducing him to new food but usually without any luck.

I wish I could turn the clock back and maybe if I had been stricter things would be better. I usually end up cooking him a different tea from the rest of us just so he will eat.

The texture of food is also important to him - does not generally like soft food although will eat plain pasta.

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