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3.10yr old started wetting herself - behavioural?

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IHeartKingThistle Fri 05-Nov-10 18:43:08

Doc thinks it is. She has recently started a new pre-school and there has been a fair bit of upheaval at home - been trying to move house for months, told her we were moving a few times then had to tell her we weren't yet.

She's been dry for over a year and dry at night since the start of this year.

Now she's having 'accidents' at least once a day - she just seems to be leaving it too late or not making it on time. Not puddles on the floor, but wet pants and sometimes another layer too. Generally she does seem to be going more often, and she doesn't always wet herself.

This has been going on for a good few weeks now but she's only wet the bed at night once in that time. Doc says that if it was a urine infection she'd be wetting the bed all the time too. She is drinking a lot at the moment.

Anyone had anything similar with their DC? I don't know whether to ignore it, tell her off for leaving it too late or go back to the doctor. Any ideas?

purepurple Sat 06-Nov-10 11:43:16

Perfectly normal behaviour. It's how some children deal with change. They feel they have no control over their lives and they find a way of having control over some area in their life. With some children its eating, with some it's wetting themselves.
I would just ignore it, deal with any accidents as they happen.
I am sure that she will feel more secure soon and the accidents will stop.

IHeartKingThistle Sat 06-Nov-10 22:28:41

That's really reassuring to hear - thanks!

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