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5 month old has had a cold for 6 weeks!! What do I try next?

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bluesmile10 Mon 01-Nov-10 08:46:14

My 5 month old DS has had a cold for 6 weeks now, even had anti biotics last week which improved it for a couple of days - but back with a vengeance now and we've not even finished them. I've tried everything - nasal drops, vapour rub on chest and feet, elevated cot, infant olbas oil, steamy bathroom etc etc. Does anyone have any other helpful tips/advice? Is a humidifier the answer? Or anything else that might work? He's not got a temperature but as the night goes on, struggles to breathe through his nose more and more and so cant keep his dummy in either!!! HELP!!!!

dribbleface Mon 01-Nov-10 08:54:32

We found a humidifier a god send last year. Also started my DS on boots vitamin drops (can't use the other ones as have nut oils in them). Once he was started on them was well for months before he got something else (apologies if you have tried that already)

bluesmile10 Mon 01-Nov-10 10:44:44

Thanks for that, I'll give it a go. Sorry for more questions, did you get a warm mist or cool mist humidifier?

WeakAndMilky Mon 01-Nov-10 12:59:36

ive a thread asking this question on child health, yu could refer to the replies ive had

dribbleface Tue 02-Nov-10 08:06:17

we got a cool mist one as i felt safer (not sure why!). Was a boots one. Make sure you descale it regularly, i didn't and its not working now!

Zara75 Tue 02-Nov-10 18:20:12

The antibiotics made it worse cos they only help against a bacterial infection and colds are normal caused by a virus. My advice would be: Rap him up warm and go outside for at least 30 minutes, especially when it is sunny! Vitamin D is the best defence! Also: Herbal teas including thyme are great to help against a sore throat. And his chest should be kept warm at all times!

During the night, if he struggles to breath cut one onion, put it in an old sock and place it next to him in his cot. Sounds a bit strange, I know but it works and it is much more gentle to babies nose baby drops.
You could also put wet towels on the radiator to keep the room air humidified.
Hope this helps a bit and fingers crossed he is soon better!

bluesmile10 Tue 09-Nov-10 10:28:54

Thanks all, bought a humdifier and tried the onion - thanks Zara75 - good idea

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