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2 YO with flat feet?

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PieMinister Mon 25-Oct-10 22:41:39

Has anyone had a toddler with flat feet?

I have been told by several people that my 2YO DD1 has them but the podiatrist who was highly recommended to me advised not to bother seeking treatment, saying that they are no longer considered a big deal, that no one does anythign about them until the teens and then insoles are prescribed.

But a friend whose daughter had them was able (10 years ago?) to get treatment (insoles, particular shoes) that managed to fix the problem in her three year old.

It feels wrong to do nothing if the problem can be reversed by intervening now... flat feet are common in my family and they are not awful, but not great either. And a lady in Clarks warned that it would cause discomfort without DD1 being able to explain while she was unhappy.

SoloBlackWidowSpidersWebSite Tue 26-Oct-10 00:08:18

I asked about my Ds's flat feet when he was around that age and was toild that all Dc's of that age have flat feet and it would rectify itself. It did.

DooinMeCleanin Tue 26-Oct-10 00:24:18

Dd2 had a slight case of flat foot. I was advised the same as Solo. She is fine now.

maxybrown Wed 27-Oct-10 20:46:51

Hmm, not what my podiatrist said! I was told they tend not to do anything until they are 5. I severely over pronate and I can tell you it is so bloody painful all over my body if I don't ear my insoles. My DS def has them too (he is just 3) and his knees are together when he stands and feet rolled in. Will see how he goes for now. My nephew got insoles when he was about 7 or 8

SoloBlackWidowSpidersWebSite Thu 28-Oct-10 12:18:37

I had insoles during my late teens/early 20's. They made life very comfortable, but I drifted away from them as they wore out...think my insteps are fine now.

IAPJJLPJ Fri 29-Oct-10 19:30:32

My ds age 7 has flat feet. He has had inner soles since the age of 3. In some children it does self correct but if they are still flat by approx 7 yrs then they will stay flat. I was told that the inner soles would help to correct the position of the foot in the hope that it would correct. As i said it hasnt for me but i am keen he has inner soles as my sister has severe knee problems as hers was not treated as a child.

Elibean Fri 29-Oct-10 21:05:20

dd2 has totally flat feet, and her ankles roll in. I was told they won't do anything until at least school age, and quite possibly 7 or which point insoles, if problem is still there.

I first took her for advice at the age of 2, and its a lot better now but still marked - so I'm anticipating insoles, tbh.

nellieisstilltired Fri 29-Oct-10 21:13:36

ds (5) has flat feet and I've known since he was 2 or 3 but as it can be developmental the gp's wouldnt refer till he was 5. He was 5 a few months ago and I took him back. by this time he was complaining of pain when walking and was really tired at school so I did insist on a referral for assessment. We're lucky Alder hey is close by.

The chiropodist there assessed him - it took him 2 seconds to diagnose him as his fingers are double jointed. Apparently this is a tell tale sign.

He now has insoles and loves them as he is painfree. smile Flat feet uncorrected cause pressure on the ankles knees hips and shoulders. So my experience is not to give up - if there is any pain when he is walking insist on a referral. hth.

nellieisstilltired Fri 29-Oct-10 21:14:02

sorry dd.

weepootle Fri 29-Oct-10 21:25:40

We've always known dd1 had flat feet but GP's said they'd look at it when she was about 5. Recently had an appt with hospital podiatrist who confirmed this.

She said she was happy to give insoles if we wanted but since dd1 wasn't complaining of any pain then she'd be fixing a problem that didn't exist. I did question whether not correcting it would be setting her up for future problems.

She's going to have an annual review is how we've left it.

weepootle Fri 29-Oct-10 21:28:45

forgot to say dd1 is also hypermobile, particularly in her lower body, that usually goes together with flat feet.

maxybrown Sat 30-Oct-10 00:12:13

Can I add I have had the most incredibly painful shoulder for years, keeps me awake at night etc. My pelvis is out. Only last year did my doc ask to look at my feet and watch me walk across the room and sorted the problem out in a jiffy! If pain occurs from it is HORRIBLE I can tell you! I also have a slight build up inside one shoe (can't see it) to compensate for my pelvis.

In the summer I wore sandals and no insoles and had hard skin on my arch - right up high on the side of my foot! my roll is that bad blush Oh and my knees knock - not good! They filmed me walking - that was embarassing I can tell you lol.

cory Sat 30-Oct-10 16:05:07

The doctor seems to have been exaggerating slightly: some children need fixing long before they get to their teens. Dd was unable to walk at all from pain by the time she reached her 8th birthday.

PieMinister Sun 07-Nov-10 21:30:44

Apologies everyone that t has taken so long for me to come back and say: thanks v much. Am reassured that it will probably correct - but am going to keep on this, as don't want to put her through the pain you describe ...

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