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What is the best way of treating and preventing nits?

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PlasticinePolly Thu 14-Oct-10 20:09:16

Thankyou please grin

SparkleRainbow Thu 14-Oct-10 20:25:21

Nit sunday......weekly washing and conditioning hair and going thorugh it with a nit comb. Better than any medication. If you find any evidence then do more frequently than once a week, every day if bad, for a few days, then back to once a week. Some people recommend tea tree oil added to your regular shampoo. I have never tried it, nit sunday works for us grin

SparkleRainbow Thu 14-Oct-10 20:26:09

Obviously I wash my dc hair more than once a week,...... incase you were worrying grin just only do the not comb it once a week!

decapitatedladybird Thu 14-Oct-10 20:36:03

We do nit sunday over here as well. I use the nitty gritty comb with conditioner to check the girls heads & then if I find any of the little buggers I use the comb every day that week.

We are testing the new vosine shampoo and we use tea tree conditioner.

We had so many problems with nits when the girls started school that I have had DD2 hair cut short because she hates the de nitting & I have even used straightners on my eldest who has long curly hair to try & burn the little shits to death.
No idea if it worked but it made me feel very pro active towards them!!!

decapitatedladybird Thu 14-Oct-10 20:36:47

That's vosene not vosine - as the add to my left has just reminded me wink

PlasticinePolly Thu 14-Oct-10 21:21:30

Ok I am a complete nit virgin so you need to go through it s l o w l y for me.

Do I wash and condition the hair and then comb it with nitty gritty comb.

Or comb it and then wash and condition?

Do I treat all members of the family including myself and DH (slighty worried about DH going through my hair with comb...not sure how careful he'll be).

What is the new vosene shampoo - does this get rid of nits?

Would cutting DD's hair shorter stop her catching them again? She got quite long hair, but she always wears it tied back for nursery. I'm afraid she'll get re-infected if other parents are not treating...

SparkleRainbow Fri 15-Oct-10 13:56:59

Sorry you will be losing your nit virginity....welcome to having school age dc grin

Wash the hair first, then conditioner. With the conditioner still on comb the hair through with an ordinary comb, and then with the nit comb. Check the nit comb after each comb through/stroke for the little buggers.

Only do the adults hair if you find anything live. You can do your own, I wouldn't let my dh near me with a nit comb!

In my experience it is a myth that children with long hair catch them more easily, my ds has had them with his short hair, but my dd1 has never had them despite having long hair which she refuses to tie back. Having said that it is easier to comb through shorter hair, the longer the hair the greater the agony especially if the hair is curly too!

You will get reinfection you always do, but just keep doing nit sunday and it will never be a big problem.

icecream24 Fri 15-Oct-10 14:40:22

Make sure you leave the conditioner on to do the nit combing, I usually wrap them in a towel, bring them into the front room, put tv on and then they sit on floor in front of the settee so I can comb, I too do nit combing every Sunday.

Then back into the shower to wash conditioner off hair.

Make sure you wipe the comb on a tissue with every stroke, you can't always see if there is one on there otherwise.

Definately get a nitty gritty comb, they are about £10 but honestly worth it.

The vosene shampoo is tea tree scented and is supposed to deter the headlice as they don't like the smell, supposedly, I'm not convinced, but I think it's just we're willing to try anything isn't it!

icecream24 Fri 15-Oct-10 14:42:46

Sorry I should have said a CLEAN bit of tissue each time.

And I do my own hair wouldn't trust dh.

Just do once a week or every day if you find anything and that should keep it under control.

PlasticinePolly Fri 15-Oct-10 19:43:57

Thanks I've been to the chemist today and they gave me some Hedrin. They didn't have a nitty gritty comb so got a cheapo one for now and have ordered one from Amazon.

Anyway I applied the lotion and combed her hair through with the comb and OMG it's actually quite minging isn't it shock

Am I right in thinking Hedrin only kills the lice, and not the eggs? Is this why you have to do it again a week later? Annoyingly the tiny bottle the chemist gave me only had enough for one treatment so I have to go back and get more...still it was free so can't complain.

Also when you comb the lice out and wipe on a tissue - do I have to then kill them? I'm worried they can escape from the tissue and get back into the hair somehow [paranoid]

doobydo Fri 15-Oct-10 22:49:58

help! not had nits before. not even when I was at school. went today to get a hair makeover and the hairdresser found embarrassed. my daughter started school last week. kids were already in bed when i got home tonight so have not done anything to check their hair. I bought some stuff from the chemist and did my own tonight but I am not sure that I have got them all out. i have long hair and my daughter.
i thought that I would know if we had nits because we would itch. i think i am only itching now because I am paranoid!

SparkleRainbow Sat 16-Oct-10 09:21:32

It happens to us all. I used to use a chemical to kill the lice, but I don't anymore. I only use conditioner and the comb, it pulls the lice out, and if you do it regularly you get the newly hatched lice before they can lay more eggs. If you get one off with the comb, you can squash them in the tissue, oro go and flush them straight away. They are pesky, but they are not invincible smile.
You will only itch when you have enough lice to really bite in lots of places. I was taught a little girl who had so many that I saw her hair move from across the school hall! (I am not exagerating either - urgh emoticon needed)

user1467183552 Wed 29-Jun-16 08:10:53

Hello lovely mummies
Can anyone help - I think i've seen eggs on my DS head. He's got blond hair so it's easy to see and there are lots of tiny dark specks?? Nothings moving so if they are eggs they haven't hatched yet. Is there any way of preventing the eggs from hatching? i think i read on mums net that vinegar can work but i can't find the thread to confirm this.
Any advice greatly received!!

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