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what are the best earplugs for swimming after grommits?

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bethanljones89 Mon 23-Sep-13 13:27:49

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goldenticket Fri 08-Oct-10 10:18:57

DD uses cotton wool and vaseline, as recommended by her consultant, along with a swimming hat and this works best (have tried all kinds of earplugs, ear bands etc. etc.). Also, be aware that sometimes bits of the putty-like ones can work their way into the ear canal and make the situation worse...

girliefriend Fri 08-Oct-10 10:12:46

I found the cotton wool and vaseline just made her ears and hair greasy which sort of defeats the object!!!

neverlookback Thu 07-Oct-10 20:48:53

thanks girliefriend ill have a look at thoses, im using cotton wool and vaseline in the bath at moment but dd hates it!!!

thisisyesterday Thu 07-Oct-10 19:47:51

i remember when my brother had his grommets and t-tubes my mum was told to use cotton wool covered in vaseline. worked well!

girliefriend Thu 07-Oct-10 19:44:04

Hello I use the ear putty ones from Barworth medical, you can ring them on 01793 729229 and they send them in packs of 2 4 or 6, they don't cost much for 2 its £3 and for 6 £6.50. They work quite well as you can break off a piece and mould it to fit your dds ear, we use them when my dd washes her hair as well as she had her 2nd lot of grommits done bout 3 wks ago!!! Hope that helps.

neverlookback Wed 06-Oct-10 20:24:00

hi my dd had grommits fitted 3 weeks ago and we are due to go on holiday end of oct, i have bought her some junior zoggs ear plugs and a ear band it, but the ear plugs seem too big, they do fit into her ear hole but the bit that is supposed to fit into just outside is too big, anyone have any reccommendation before i buy something that is a waste of money, have seen the bio ear ones and the putty ones dd is 5.


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