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Cold sweats in a 2 yr old, something to worry about?

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LoveBeing Sun 12-Sep-10 09:49:48

DD has had cold sweats over the last day or two, basically no temp or even slightly under normal but quite sweaty and clammy and not just when sleeping. She has a little bit of a cough but other than that she's ok.

Advice please.

Jaybird37 Sun 12-Sep-10 10:03:56

A low temp can be a sign of an infection in a young child.

How is she otherwise? If she looks ill and feels ill she probably is ill then she needs to see a doctor.

If she seems OK, but the sweats do not settle, then I would still take her to your GP for a full blood count.

LoveBeing Sun 12-Sep-10 12:11:11

She had some running nappies but that is ok now.....

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