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chickenpox in the lungs?

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DirtyMartini Fri 20-Aug-10 15:53:48

DS (3) has the pox, day 2 of full-on spots, and started a chesty cough around lunchtime. He just threw up after taking Piriton and went rapidly downhill in terms of communication etc so I rang docs and have an emergency appt at 5:15.

She said the cough could mean the chickenpox is in his lungs and that would be "more serious". Does anyone know anything about this? Thanks (trying not to freak myself out with actual Googling so please be gentle).

SparkleRainbow Fri 20-Aug-10 16:02:36

I have never heard of this....sounds horrible, hope someone has some answers for you shock

MrsBadger Fri 20-Aug-10 16:03:14

not spots in the lungs, but the virus can cause a chest infection which can be quite nasty.
there's a chance they'll want to x-ray his chest so it might be as well to be prepared for the gp to refer you to the hosp this evening - pack snacks / drinks / distractions and clue dh in just in case.

Chaotica Fri 20-Aug-10 16:07:05

As MrsBadger says - be prepared to go to hospital. I've only ever heard of one case of it but it can be serious. Tis good you're already off to the GP.

Hope your DS is better soon.

DirtyMartini Fri 20-Aug-10 16:10:17

Thanks. Just read your post and packed a wee bag. He is sleeping now but his breathing is very rattle-y sad

I'm actually kind of hoping she will refer us now just so I can be sure he's properly checked over. Our GPs are nice but they have missed things before.

mummytime Fri 20-Aug-10 16:10:25

Agree get prepared for a hospital visit (maybe over nighter). So pack a bag, get snacks etc. ready and warn his Dad. (And arrange child care if you have other kids.)

Don't panic, but its better safe than sorry. Don't google, but chicken pox is not always a mild childhood disease. (But no disease is always mild either.)

But it could also be a co-incidence.

Oh and do update us sometime!

Helinher30s Fri 20-Aug-10 16:13:31

Nasty chest infections are actually quite common with chicken pox, he may just need a course of antibiotics although it also depends on his temperature and how unwell he seems as to whether an xray etc is required. Very good idea to go prepared for visit to hospital in case you need to go straight there. You can always unpack later!!

SparkleRainbow Fri 20-Aug-10 16:13:57

Good Luck

Helinher30s Fri 20-Aug-10 16:16:49

useful things for an overnighter are snacks, drinks, change of clothes/pjs for DS,slippers, change of clothes for you (from experience, i got covered in vomit during my overnighter with my DS), anti bac wipes, hand gel, little toys, colouring, books for DS in case he picks up later and gets bored.

herbietea Fri 20-Aug-10 16:16:59

Message withdrawn

DirtyMartini Fri 20-Aug-10 16:30:16

Gah. OK. We have a young baby too (am bfing while mning) so DP (off on holiday this week, by thankful coincidence) will take ds to docs and on to hosp if need be. Am wishing I could go though . I want to hear for myself what they say. My poor wee sausage.

At least the sleep now will do him good. His 3rd bday family party was going to be tomorrow, too! At least already had actual bday and presents last week.


DirtyMartini Fri 20-Aug-10 16:30:50

thanks for packing tips, btw.

DirtyMartini Fri 20-Aug-10 16:50:46

ok, they just left and they are going straight to hosp (the Sick Kids Hosp), as ds can't even stand up. The car is parked on a side street across from our flat and DP is pushing DS to it in his old buggy that hasn't been used for about 6 months.

I'm here with DD kicking in her play gym, all smiley. Aaaaargh. Am sure it will be fine, we are the only family I know in Edinburgh who haven't pulled a serious shift in Sick Kids at some stage so I guess it's overdue. Am still miserable though.

Karoleann Fri 20-Aug-10 17:39:08

Hi, DS2 had chicken pox in lungs which caused pneumonia. He was in hospital for 3 days on intraveinous antibiotics and aciclovir, he was quite poorly, but well looked after.
Hope your DS gets well soon x

DirtyMartini Fri 20-Aug-10 17:43:13

Thanks. I'm sitting here posting on light-hearted threads and tapping my foot for news from DP. I suppose they are prob in waiting room at the mo.

I guess he's in the right place, at least, if he gets any worse. But I know he will want me, and I am not there. Which is awful. Doesn't make sense to leave dd with dp and swap though, because he can't feed her (I do express for evening feeds but don't have a store of ebm built up).


It may be totally fine of course, it's just that he changed so suddenly and seemed so ill.

sunshiney Fri 20-Aug-10 17:52:59

Hope he's better soon!

Are you able to keep busy, or are you too distracted?

He's in the best place for him and getting it sorted, try not to get too worried! I know that's easier said than done though.

PixieOnaLeaf Fri 20-Aug-10 18:28:56

Message withdrawn

slinkyboo Fri 20-Aug-10 21:30:50

How is your DS, DirtyMartini? Really hope he's ok.

mousymouse Sat 21-Aug-10 10:22:53

I hope this morning your ds is much better!

DirtyMartini Sat 21-Aug-10 10:36:10

Thanks, he is better today. Hosp checked him over very carefully and decided he could come home -- no serious complications, just v v poorly. Very relieved. DP has been up basically all night (as have I to a lesser extent, got some z's while feeding dd in bed) because DS was too unwell to sleep but this morning does seem to be edging back in the right direction looks like a plague victim and in pain but asked for his playmobil and drank some milk.

thanks again for all the reassurance and help, much appreciated. Pox is a bugger!

slinkyboo Sat 21-Aug-10 10:51:51

I'm so glad, DM. Chicken pox is just horrible and I actually never knew until recently how very serious it can be.

Fingers crossed he carries on going uphill.

ZachsMummy2013 Fri 21-Nov-14 21:35:51

Hi all !

Worried mommy here. My lo is going go be one in 1 week (I'm not sure how that happened lol).

He got his first blister on 08.11 and was poorly for 2 days with a fever. He got more and more himself as the week went on and was back at nursery by the 14.11.

Today (21.11) he's developed a vhesty cough and after googling....I'm worried sick.

Any advice?

BuilderMammy Fri 21-Nov-14 21:40:45

Speak to your GP.

Karoleann Sat 22-Nov-14 07:53:22

I suspect its just this chesty cough thing that's going around.

He should be clear of the chicken pox by now.

I'd still ring the out of hours service today as he's so little still.

coldwater1 Sat 22-Nov-14 16:01:00

Glad he is ok. My 3 year old was very ill at the beginning of the year with chicken pox and was blue lighted to hospital and stayed overnight. Was horrendous.

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