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Constipation in 2 year old

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bebejones Sat 14-Aug-10 16:01:02

As title says my just 2 year old DD hasn't had a poo since Tuesday! She is very active drinks alot, eats plenty of fruit (grapes & apple mostly) rasins & dried apricots & also has wholemeal bread & cheerios (wholegrain). Anyone got any suggestions how I can 'get things moving'?

We aren't potty training so I know it's not fear of using the potty. She used to be a bit retentive hmm as a baby & was prescribed lactulose by GP, just a bit reluctant to go down that route without trying other options first!

Thank you!

IlooklikeGrotbagstoday Sat 14-Aug-10 16:20:20

Orange Juice and wait for the explosion

bebejones Sat 14-Aug-10 17:37:31

Thanks, have given her about 1/3 a glass of OJ. She has had some prunes & is currently tucking into some stewed prunes & pears! Think DH will be doing the nappy! wink

Sariska Sat 14-Aug-10 17:47:27

If the oj and prunes don't work you could try peppermint tea. I use it quite a lot with my 2 yo in an attempt to avoid the lactulose.

bebejones Sat 14-Aug-10 18:07:37

Thanks for the tips! I think we may have a result here! I will bear peppermint tea in mind, although I'm not sure I'd be able to get the fussy little madam to drink it!

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