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chicken pox on nose - healing scar

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phonix Wed 28-Jul-10 21:25:01

I've read all related threads on here, and now searching for fellow "sufferers"...
DD got CP on 5 July. And although she wasn't scratching, some of her spots still got infected (probably due to the heat wave) and was put on ABs.
We were being extremely careful looking after her scabs, putting on loads of extra cream in an attempt to keep them on longer, so the skin underneath could heal better. However, one of her biggest scabs (near the tip of her nose) accidentally got knocked off a little too early, and left a fairly large crater behind:-(((. It's been healing ever since, but there is an obvious pitted scar there.
We're currently using vitamin E cream (and oil) and sometimes bio oil, and massage these in 4-5 times a day. GP's advice was to use any cream and massage the area as often as possible (even every 15-30 mins:-0).
Went to a paediatric dermatologist today, who on the other hand, wasn't so sure if this will make any difference at all...and with this comment managed to take away all my confidence and hope to be honest:-((.
And now I'm turning to the public, as you?re probably the most experienced in the subject anyway. Is there anyone out there who has been through a similar experience - treating CP scar on the nose? What did you use and how long for, what was the outcome etc? Naturally, I?m desperate to minimize the damage this horrid illness did to my DD's cute little nose!!

phonix Thu 29-Jul-10 13:16:36

Bump, bump, bump....

no one in similar situation or with any useful advice?! now I feel really depressed:-(.

GiddyPickle Thu 29-Jul-10 19:30:07

It sounds like you are doing all the right things phonix.

This isn't for children but as a "just in case": There was a programme (Embarrassing Bodies perhaps) where a lady had the most awful acne scars - more craters type scars. They filled the worst ones in with a teeny tiny spec of her own skin that they removed I think from behind the ear.

Anyway - it healed and miraculously filled in all the crater scars. The results were amazing.

Obviously this is not something to consider for a child but I thought I'd let you know in case you wanted to have something to consider in future years just in case the mark doesn't go completely. Although she is so young that it probably will heal very well especially with the massaging and bio oil.

I hope you don't mind me posting about the drastic option - it purely was so you knew that all wasn't lost if there is a little mark left behind.

phonix Thu 29-Jul-10 20:29:18

Hi Giddy,
No, on the contrary, very helpful post!!! And even though she's only 4 at the moment - so time is definitely on her side -, I've already started preparing myself for the "not so ideal outcome" and looked at cosmetic procedures, should she want to go down that route in 15+ yrs time.
From the treatments available as of now (2010), using a type of filler will probably be her safest option, given the delicate location of her scar. However, I've read that fillers only provide a temporary solution, and the procedure has to be repeated on a regular basis. Right now, however, I sincerely hope that we never have to find out for ourselves.

SparkyMalarky Thu 29-Jul-10 20:47:00

DS had a pretty grim CP scar on his neck (not a crater, but pretty noticeable - he picked at it repeatedly) and a year on it's improved massively. I did nothing to it! He's now 4.

DD got CP just as she turned 1 and has a horrible dent like scar on her chin. It got knocked off early as well so it's still quite red a couple of months on. I keep meaning to put some bio oil on (everyone says it's the best thing for scars - so it sounds like you're doing the right thing there) but their skin is so good when they're little that I figure that it will probably fade to almost nothing by the time she's old enough to worry about it. By which time she'll probably have a face full of spots so be covering herself in No 17 foundation anyway!

The cream and the massage should help anyway in the meantime

rockbudgie Thu 29-Jul-10 21:21:49

No specific experience here I'm afraid but instinct says that by the time she'll really care what she looks like it will be an awful lot better.

A good product for reducing the appearance of scars is Phytaoil (although it also comes in a lotion) - it contains vitamin E and rosehip oil and really does work. My friend used it on pretty serious post-op scars following breast cancer and was really pleased with the results so I'm sure it would do your daughter some good. And best of all you can get free samples at the mo from here

phonix Thu 29-Jul-10 21:23:19

Paed derm reckons that with larger and/or deeper scars the redness can stay for up to and even beyond a year - will go eventually even if you don't use anything. Sometimes I think that it would probably be the best to leave my LO's scar alone too. Luckily, your DD is way too young to remember any of this. My DD is already quite aware of what is going on, so in her case making a fuss can do more damage than good:-((.
Bio oil is good, but I personally don't like the fact that it contains perfume. I was also told that creams do a better job at keeping the scar area moist for longer. I therefore use Jason vitamin E cream and oil more often than anything else.
Try and massage it morning and evening for her, and you'll see that the scar will start flattening / stretching out and will therefore look less deep.

phonix Thu 29-Jul-10 21:25:27

thanks rockbudgie,
will do the research on it.

phonix Thu 29-Jul-10 21:32:42

ordered some samples, thanks again!

rockbudgie Thu 29-Jul-10 22:44:51

You're very welcome - hope it helps

SparkyMalarky Fri 30-Jul-10 00:07:38

Thanks Phonix

phonix Fri 30-Jul-10 21:33:49

Anyone around tonight, who might have a story to tell or advice to give re. the above?!

Effjay Fri 30-Jul-10 21:44:58

My DS1 had CP in April and has a big scar right between his eyes, from one of the big spots. He had a scab on it for 10 days, then it got knocked off in the bath, leaving a huge crater. It gradually healed but looked awful for a while. It's still fairly noticeable, but gradually fading. I use bio oil, but it's really expensive and I'm not totally convinced that it is that effective. I'm expecting it to fade gradually over a year. He had an awful scratch on his nose last year, which I thought would scar, but that has faded to nothing and you would never know it was there now. The young do heal very well ...

Mind you, I had NO idea how nasty CP spots could be before this.

sundew Fri 30-Jul-10 21:50:19

Hi dd2 had a really bad dose of chicken pox with a large number of spots getting infected all of which have left scars. Luckily for her they are all on her trunk area - but even 4 years on they are still noticeable but have faded to white marks.

They so get better with time and fade but unfortunately my experience is they take a very long time to fade.


HinnyPet Fri 30-Jul-10 21:55:00

Rockbudgie (great name!) I can't get that link to work, should I just google it?
Both my DC's have had CP in the past month, really want to reduce scarring!

rockbudgie Sat 31-Jul-10 08:13:39

Thanks blush

Sorry the link doesn't work. Try visiting or you can buy it from

phonix Tue 03-Aug-10 19:29:20

anyone around tonight with some extreme chickenpox case experience?! Searched for pics of CP scars on the nose and got totally freaked out that my DD is going to have to deal with the same issue in 10-20 yrs time...sad sad. Unfortunately, some of the people in the photos said that the scar has been there since childhood sad. I'm absolutely devastated!!

Zippysbird Tue 09-Aug-16 12:51:17

Hows this years down the line please?? smile

herewearenowentertainus Sat 10-Jun-17 14:11:09

same - does anyone have any updates? so sad about my dd, 26 dents on her face still 2 months post cp. ds about half as many but also bad. am gutted and constantly looking for reassuring stories, i know there's much worse things obviously but feels so unfair to them, luckily they're too young to realise implications at 6 and 2 but i have shed many tears, a lonely little grief for their lovely faces. no support from usual friends particularly as tbh it's pretty boring if i go on about a problem that doesn't affect other mums and that has, in my sad but honest opinion, no solution except possibly when they're adults

herewearenowentertainus Sat 10-Jun-17 14:12:05

wow that turned into a big old vent, feel ever so slightly better

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