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Can anyone help me identify this book?

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dalek Wed 24-Feb-10 11:09:58

When I was about 9 ( I am now 42 - eek!) I read a book about a girl who appears to have run away from home but is in fact hiding under the porch. The reason she has pretended to run away is that she wants a cat but her mother is allergic to them. Somehow (I can't remember how) she ends up with a blue grey siamese cat and so that is doesn't get taken away she "runs" away.

Does anyone know this boo or did I dream it?


luciemule Wed 24-Feb-10 11:18:08

You could do a book search on and if you register, you can join the forum where you can ask other people by describing the book if you don't know the title. I always get a quick answer.

dalek Wed 24-Feb-10 11:18:57

Thanks - will do that.

dalek Thu 25-Feb-10 15:11:24

Have had no luck on abe books - Can anyone else help?

dalek Thu 25-Feb-10 15:12:09

Maybe i DID dream it smile

gothicangelerica Fri 17-Jul-15 19:23:53

I know this was a dead thread, but I found it because I'M LOOKING FOR IT TOO! You didn't dream it.

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