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Does Anyone free classic Audio books from ?

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MintyCandyCane Mon 04-Jan-10 13:48:28

Does anyone know where I can download some decent free audio books for dd to listen to on long car journeys ? She would prefer to read like her sister but gets car sick - so I thought I could download some and put them on an ipod. However, I am having trouble finding any.

bran Mon 04-Jan-10 13:55:13

Have you tried Librivox? The books aren't read by professionals so the quality of the reading is variable, but I've enjoyed books from there.

MintyCandyCane Mon 04-Jan-10 13:56:02

Sorry title is missing a "know where I can" blasted cat on the keyboard.

MintyCandyCane Mon 04-Jan-10 13:57:42

OOOh thank you - are there particular ones you thought were well read ?

bran Mon 04-Jan-10 14:23:03

I wasn't listening to children's books so can't comment on those, but I enjoyed Turn of the Screw and Pride and Prejudice. There are often several versions of popular books so I just listened for a couple of minutes and if I didn't like the voice I tried another version of the same book. (Pride and Prejudice just sounded wrong somehow when read with an American accent.)

I'm pretty sure it's possible to transfer an audio cd into an mp3 file too, so you could possibly borrow cds from your library, if it stocks them, and then load it up for your daughter.

bruffin Mon 04-Jan-10 14:29:44

Have you tried your local library, also DS now downloads audio books from the online library website. Only problem with that is they self distruct after 30 days.

elkiedee Mon 04-Jan-10 15:21:05

How old is your dd? I'd echo the library suggestion, I've put bought and borrowed audio CDs on mine along with the music.

MintyCandyCane Mon 04-Jan-10 15:29:41

you can download audio books from the library ? - I had no idea. I am behind the times smile dd is ten. She might like Pride and Predjudice actually bran I will dowload that one thanks.

MintyCandyCane Mon 04-Jan-10 15:30:55

Do i go to my local library website for downloads bruffin ?

lizziemun Mon 04-Jan-10 16:06:19

I found this site when looking a similar thing at christmas

domesticextremist Mon 04-Jan-10 16:17:55

You can get them out on cd from the library and then bung them onto your mp3 tho?

bruffin Mon 04-Jan-10 16:35:18

We are in Herts and the library website is central for all of Hertfordshire. We can renew books, reserve books and download ebooks and audiobooks.

I have copied some of ds's audio books onto his ipod as well.

MintyCan Mon 04-Jan-10 21:03:11

thanks so much for all your help !

LizzieCrudge Mon 04-Jan-16 23:06:24

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