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classic book for 7 year old girl

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Wheelybug Tue 24-Nov-09 10:22:17

As far as I know she reads well - or so her mother says grin - the last thing i saw her reading was one of the HSM books(no idea what age they would be).

Would like to buy a classic book - although could be a modernish classic. Any recommendations ?
thanks very muchly.

rmom2two Tue 24-Nov-09 12:33:38

There are some lovely Walker Illustarted classics on amazon. The range includes:

Secret Garden
Classic Fairy tales
Jungle Book
Alice in Wonderland
Alice Through the Looking Glass
Moby Dick
Wind in the Willows
Christmas Carol
plus 4 others

chopstheduck Tue 24-Nov-09 12:39:28

ballet shoes

Wheelybug Tue 24-Nov-09 13:12:53


Will take a look at those rmom2two.

Chops - I had thought of ballet shoes as this was one of my favourite books as a child but wasn't sure if it was a bit old, can't remember when I read it first (the last time was last year) ? I have no idea (my dds are 4 and 8mth)

chopstheduck Tue 24-Nov-09 13:40:37

dd has just read it and she is 9 (and absolutely loved it), and she generally struggles with reading and is a bit behind for her age. If the 7yo is already reading HSM books I'd have thought maybe she would enjoy ballet shoes.

cazzybabs Tue 24-Nov-09 19:24:15

ohh the dolls house by Rumur godden

PixieOnaLeaf Tue 24-Nov-09 19:31:20

Message withdrawn

Takver Wed 25-Nov-09 10:00:27

DD (7) has a box set of the St Clares books which I think my mum got very cheap through the Book People/Red House or someone like that - she loves them.

DD likes Ballet Shoes too, but preferred White Boots I think.

Or what about 101 Dalmations? Classic and definitely the right age range.

Wheelybug Wed 25-Nov-09 11:20:28

great thanks everyone.

Cazzy - not heard of that - will take a look.

Thought the school enid blyton's might be a bit too old but good news they're not ! They were also my faves. I am in the middle of re-reading Malory Towers thanks to the Book People ! Can't wait for dd's to get onto all my old favourites.

Takver Wed 25-Nov-09 12:32:17

Sorry, yes, just looked, dd's box set is also Malory Towers, not St Clares, she must have had the St Clares ones from the library.

Wheelybug Wed 25-Nov-09 14:09:58

Sadly neither Book People or Red house have the set at the moment. I have ordered Ballet shoes and will keep an eye out for the MT box set for her.

Thanks for all the ideas everyone.

cazzybabs Wed 25-Nov-09 18:13:23

dolls house sounds very twee...but is really rerally lovely - nice moral, well written - lovely...I love all her books - although only discovered them through dd1..

Also love the Moomin books

LittleFriendSusan Wed 25-Nov-09 22:41:29

Agree with the Doll's House (also Little Plum / the Diddakoi by same author)& Ballet Shoes.

TK Maxx have box sets of both St Clare's & Mallory Towers in at the moment; think they were around £10.

pointydogg Wed 25-Nov-09 22:49:47

Get Enid Blyton if you;re not sure. That way, you'll know it will be read

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