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Diary of a wimpy kid

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MillyR Mon 09-Nov-09 09:51:48

DS is 11 and has never had any interest in reading, although his spelling and comprehension ages are fine. He has just got Diary of a Wimpy Kid and has read it in a day. We then got the others in the series and he has not stopped reading them.

I am desperate for this to continue. Has anyone any recommendations for other books?

I think the key is that he likes books that are slightly rebellious and naughty. He doesn't like imaginative books about other worlds (Artemis Fowl and so on).

I would be really appreciative of any reccomendations.

InterruptingKid Mon 09-Nov-09 09:53:47


titchy Mon 09-Nov-09 10:41:10


iheartdusty Mon 09-Nov-09 20:52:44

Mr Gum by Andy Stanton - anarchic, inventive, and good on many levels

I am guessing he is too old for Horrid Henry and Captain Underpants now...

mimsum Mon 09-Nov-09 22:09:19

Alex Rider? there's loads of them now and ds thinks they're very cool ...

MillyR Tue 10-Nov-09 10:53:29

Thanks for all of your ideas. We have the Alex ones on talking books. I am going to get him a Mr Gum and see if he like those. I am thinking they might be a bit vile, but comical in a slightly rebellious way, like an older Captain Underpants, which I think would suit DS.

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