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Books about starting pre-schoold

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Campaspe Sat 24-Oct-09 18:33:45

My DD will be starting pre-school next month, and both of us are nervous, as this will be her first time away from me. Can anyone recommend any books that deal with this theme? Thanks

littleducks Sat 24-Oct-09 18:40:33

well before dd started preschool we read Topsy and Tim start school, which was really about 'big' schoiol but was fine for us: they sat at tables doing puzzles/drank milk/did action songs/hung coats on peg which dd did at preschool too they stayed for lunch with dinner ladies which dd obv didnt but she does now have packled lunch at preschool but she wasnt too bothered that it didnt apply

VulpusinaWilfsuit Sat 24-Oct-09 18:44:30

Starting School Janet Ahlberg

Pretty much what goes on in nursery too tbh and nice that it covers the whole first term...

We love it in our house.

happystory Sat 24-Oct-09 18:47:42

Laurance and Catherine Anholt do a lovely one, something like 'starting at nursery'?

pointyhat Sat 24-Oct-09 18:50:31

oh, we were looking over Starting School again a couple of days ago. Dd2 is almost 11 and she says that is her favourite book ever

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