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Black History Books for Children

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Treadmillmom Thu 08-Oct-09 21:20:49

Recommendations please for Black History books for children, boys aged 6 and 4.
Thank you.

MrsMagnolia Fri 09-Oct-09 10:07:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RandomKelly Fri 09-Oct-09 15:14:11

Hi my name is Kelly and I work for Tamarind Books, a book publisher of multicultural books. We have a wide selection of brilliant books which can be used in Black History Month. Do check out our website, where you can find out more about our books, authors and illustrators, register for a newsletter and download resources. I am happy to send you one of our brand new resource packs Treadmillmom, if you post your address i can get one out to you.

Best wishes,
Tamarind Books

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