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Anyone seen any books about / featuring sitting on the toilet (not the potty) please?

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AboardtheAxiom Mon 21-Sep-09 13:14:57

DS is autistic and scared to sit on the toilet, he is being very brave recently and trying, and I am trying to find some books with pics of toilets in to show him, loads with potties at the library but not toilets so wondered if anyone had seen any?


BabyValentine Mon 21-Sep-09 13:37:30

Who's In the Loo? by Jeanne Willis

gingerbunny Mon 21-Sep-09 13:54:04

i agree 'who's in the loo' is brilliant.

AboardtheAxiom Mon 21-Sep-09 15:50:36

That looks great grin thank you both!

It is so hard to find ones featuring toilets - they all seem to have potties in.

gingerbunny Mon 21-Sep-09 23:04:53

the book is really funny too.
The first time I saw it I was looking for a toilet training book and thought it would be along those lines, so I had a quick look through it in the book aisle of Tesco.
I got some really funny looks cos I couldn't stop laughing, the 'mole page' still makes me laugh. grin

ladyr Tue 29-Sep-09 01:07:18

My daughter has down's syndrome and I created my own book to help with toilet training using my own photos. Was easy to create and very successful- here's a link to the website click here I made a This is... book!

starbaby Wed 07-Oct-09 19:45:24

zoo poo!

always made my kids laugh

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