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Interesting books to touch/pop up for 1 year old

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Mimi1977 Fri 18-Sep-09 21:16:35

My daughter has just turned one and loves books. Like most children her age she gets bored of just reading picture books and loves to be able to touch and feel stuff and see things pop up/lift flaps etc.

We have No bed without Ted which she loves and lots of the That's not my.... books

Any other suggestions gratefully received.

strig Fri 18-Sep-09 21:22:14

My DS who is nearly 2 has loved since he was about 8 months the Busy books by Rebecca Finn. They have lots of sliding, moving sections. There are lots to chose from Busy Airport, Busy Beach, Busy Garden etc. Would definitely recommend.

millenniumfoxtrot Fri 18-Sep-09 21:26:53

tkmaxx is surprisingly good for this kind of stuff, they seem to have loads of unusual interactivy stuff for a couple of quid.

personally i adore the gallop books but my kids are philistines underwhelmed.

millenniumfoxtrot Fri 18-Sep-09 21:27:44


FaintlyMacabre Fri 18-Sep-09 21:30:15

Ladybird 'Baby Touch' series go down well.

Dear Zoo is another good one.

MrsMagnolia Mon 21-Sep-09 19:40:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

strongblackcoffee Mon 21-Sep-09 19:43:51

another vote for Dear Zoo... annoys the hell out of me, but both DSs loved it

mwff Mon 21-Sep-09 23:47:35

mrs magnolia: do you have only one boot???

MrsMagnolia Wed 23-Sep-09 09:43:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Tillyscoutsmum Wed 23-Sep-09 09:54:24

DD loved pop up Kipper/Wibbly Pig books but the most read book is probably Night Night Baby

mamadiva Wed 23-Sep-09 09:57:35

I think I have a few 'That's not my' books lying around, if you like I could dig them out and you can have them FFP.

My DS loved them as they have a different texture on every page and the stories are simple and fun rhyming so would recommend.

They sell them in Asda and Tesco too.

mwff Wed 23-Sep-09 09:58:53

sorry, was seeing your username in context of kids' books thread. wondered whether it was related to quentin blake's mr magnolia ("mista ola") currently dd(2)'s favourite book in a hide-it-before-she-demands-it-for-the-fifth-time-in-a-row kinda way

MrsMagnolia Wed 23-Sep-09 14:25:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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