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Trouble for Trumpets - long shot but does anyone have a spare copy !

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Wallace Mon 17-Aug-09 10:22:42

Dd left my mum's treasured copy lying on her bedroom floor and the cover somehow got ripped off angry

I would love to replace it, but they don't seem to be in print anymore.

Can anyone help?

Wallace Mon 17-Aug-09 19:56:19

Bumping for the evening.

flier Thu 20-Aug-09 13:44:08

Hi Wallace.

Its pricey, but they have it on amazon here

Other than that, it may be worth phoning Leakeys 2nd hand book shop in inverness, they may have a copy. Hope you manage to track one down smile

Wallace Thu 20-Aug-09 19:57:01


My mum has said don't buy a new one, and that it will be fine sellotaped

I wonder if hers was worth £268

How are you anyway? I'm enjoying the kids being back at school!

flier Fri 21-Aug-09 11:16:42

I'm fine thanks. Feel like I have space and time to breathe now that school are back, and dd has started playgroup smile. Had a good summer break, though. you?

btw there is one on sale on ebay just now

Wallace Mon 24-Aug-09 20:40:58

ds2 is at nursery too - bloody fanatstic grin

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