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books for unenthusiastic 12yr old DDs

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jobags Thu 23-Jul-09 18:32:51

We are sailing for 2 weeks come Sunday, with 2 DDs. One is 11 years and likes to read, the other is becoming a real teenager, at 12.5 years! and thinks its boring. Can any one recommend books for this age group, not too girlie!!

spudmasher Thu 23-Jul-09 18:52:05

Love the Philip Pullman trilogy- Amber spyglass etc.
Can't remember what the others are called. How awful. Great books though.

KembleTwins Thu 23-Jul-09 18:54:35

David Almond is a good author for older children. "Skellig" is a fabulous book, aimed at 11-13 year olds. "Kit's Wilderness" is for a similar age group. Not at all girlie, slight element of supernatural, but within everyday settings. Really enjoyable.

Majorca Thu 23-Jul-09 21:02:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LadyGlencoraSnape Thu 23-Jul-09 21:11:44

Swallows and Amazons of course!
Where are you sailing?
My 12-year-old DD is reading those ghastly Louise Rennison books a lot - they are very funny though.

Majorca Thu 23-Jul-09 21:21:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

jobags Fri 24-Jul-09 08:37:12

Thanks for all your great suggestions, I shall pop to Waterstones today, with DD if she will come !!We are sailing around the South Ionian Greek Islands, with a flotilla, so hopefully some reading time involved!

pointydog Fri 24-Jul-09 08:42:24

dd1 is reading The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole and is loving it

LadyGlencoraSnape Fri 24-Jul-09 12:17:10

I am so envy. We went on flotilla to the Ionian last year, with Sailing Holidays, and I would love to go back - maybe next year! You will have a fantastic time. Which company are you going with?

jobags Fri 24-Jul-09 13:21:12

We are going with "Sailing Holidays LTD" so I presume its the same company. I am feeling a bit nervous actually as I haven't sailed in years and my family never have. Any tips?

OurLadyOfPerpetualSupper Fri 24-Jul-09 13:39:28

We went to the Northern Ionian last year, also with Sailing Holidays.
I'm not the best sailor, but it's a lovely holiday for a family.
There was one family on our flotilla who'd never sailed before, but the crew were so laid-back and helpful they were fine.
Get cash out whenever you can, as we got caught out on our last night - arrived at the port and the cashpoint wasn't working, plus the restaurants didn't take cards.
Our last night's meal was bread and cheese eaten on the deck of the boat!

OurLadyOfPerpetualSupper Fri 24-Jul-09 13:44:32

Oh, and ignore the advice in the brochure about not wearing skirts - several of our group just brought trousers and envied the ones who'd obviously been before, wafting around in lovely dresses in the evenings.
(Not dressy, just pretty and cool-looking.)

LadyGlencoraSnape Fri 24-Jul-09 14:43:10

Yes OLOPS is right, bring a sundress or two to wear to the tavernas in the evening. Other than that take half the clothes you think you'll need.
Don't worry about the rusty sailing, the Sailing Holidays lead crew are so laid back and helpful and the boats are really easy to sail - you'll be fine.
Agree about the cash, a lot of the tavernas don't take cards, particularly on the smaller islands. Are you starting from Sivota? Go to the shop the morning you leave and get a lot of bottles of frozen water and put them in your fridge they'll help keep everything else cold and you will need lots of water to drink.
Make sure you know how the toilet and the engine work before you leave port on the first day.
And have fun. I can't wait to go back. Faraway Islands next time I think.

OurLadyOfPerpetualSupper Fri 24-Jul-09 15:05:40

Also, get used to the idea of showering off the back of the boat in the evening (wearing a cozzie, obviously!).
You really won't want to get your bathroom completely soaked.

LadyGlencoraPalliser Fri 24-Jul-09 18:52:48

Or have a shower at the taverna - some of them have really nice ones.
And if you go to Ithaka, you have to eat at the taverna on top of the cliff overlooking the sea - but make sure you go up there when you arrive and reserve one of the tables at the edge of the terrace.

seeker Fri 24-Jul-09 18:55:21

Hilary McKay. I'm always recommending her, but her books about the Love family are brilliant. My dd keeps them by her bed to re read on a regular basis!

jobags Fri 24-Jul-09 19:50:04

Thankyou so much all for book advice and sailing tips. I hadnt packed any dresses so shall do that now. I have wriiten down all advice and shall put it with my sailing manual, I am getting a bit excited now actually!!

jobags Fri 24-Jul-09 19:50:45

Thankyou so much all for book advice and sailing tips. I hadnt packed any dresses so shall do that now. I have wriiten down all advice and shall put it with my sailing manual, I am getting a bit excited now actually!!

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