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science experiment books

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cazzybabs Wed 15-Jul-09 10:34:50

am cross I can't buy Nina and the neurons on DVD, but I do have some Usborne cards with experiments on (it is called 50 science things to make and do)...but are there any other good books with experiments in with simple things I can buy/have round the house.

LIZS Wed 15-Jul-09 17:05:56

Richard Hammond's Blast Lab ? The Book People had it on offer recently

Whole range of activities here

geogteach Wed 15-Jul-09 17:22:52

My books are all packed away at the moment as we are having building work but I have a book about how to host a science birthday party with some good ideas in it. I bought it on Amazon so try doing a search.

Takver Wed 15-Jul-09 17:25:40

Exploratopia is fun although rather expensive.

LadyGlencoraSnape Wed 15-Jul-09 17:33:41

For what age Cazzybabs? I have just got Crisp Packet fireworks for my lot to use in the summer holidays. They are 12, 9 and 7 and this looks perfect.

Takver Wed 15-Jul-09 17:36:20

By the way have you made the Foaming Monster from the Usborne cards . . . its fab!

cazzybabs Wed 15-Jul-09 19:28:29

between 5 - 8, but I am happy to have a book with harder experiments am quite used to explainning things

Takver Wed 15-Jul-09 19:48:25

DD has a Horrible Science book called Explosive Experiments out of the library atm - its a bit loud in the way that those horrible whatever books are, but it does have some good experiments in it, and your 8 yo might like the book anyway.

PrefetParfait Wed 15-Jul-09 19:49:41

Usborne do a good one I think.

Go to teh local library and have a browse.

honda Wed 15-Jul-09 22:10:32

Hello, I'm a Mini IQ Associate and we offer a great science book which you can simply lift the flaps, pull the tabs and study the multitude of pop-ups on each spread of this amazing book to be introduced to the basic principles of physical science, from elements and molecules to forces, waves and rays, all in the simplest of terms.

Mini IQ is an exciting range of Children’s Books, Toys and Games to buy at reasonable prices - that have been very carefully selected and are fun, educational and innovative for Children ages 0-12 years.

If you are interested in finding out more - please let me know.

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