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Pigwig Papers by Richard Harvey.

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Juwesm Mon 06-Jul-09 16:15:48

Does anyone remember these stories? We had the books when I was little, and the tape of the narration by Arthur Lowe. Included 'The Squirrel of Wirral', 'The Lion and Curiosity', 'Dolphin Dee and the Chimpanzee' - they were brilliant! I wish I could track down a set for my DS.

chrihawk Fri 17-Jan-14 21:15:29

Hi, yes they were fantastic! Many happy holiday memories driving to Francne with the girls listening to the CD and laughiing. I've still got the cassette and I'm trying to get it onto CD ... watch this thread and I'll let you know if I manage and could share a copy with you

chrihawk Fri 17-Jan-14 21:16:08

Yes I want to reactivate this thread

rainey74 Wed 14-Oct-15 14:43:22

Does anyone still have a copy? I would love to hear it again

hargreavesben Fri 01-Mar-19 11:31:34

Hi, I was desperately searching for a copy of Pigwig Papers online as a surprise present for my brothers 40th birthday.....was his favourite thing to listen to as a kid! chrihawk did you ever manage to get it onto CD and if so would you be willing to let me have a copy for a reasonable fee? Thanks

HazeyAbb Sat 06-Jul-19 19:28:44

If anyone is still following this, I found the stories on Spotify. You have to put in the name of the poem you want. I’ve just listened to the Kangaroo of Waterloo with my five year old and she’s giggled and laughed the whole way through

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