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Simple first paperbacks/chapter books for DD to read herself?

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franch Tue 23-Jun-09 20:25:42

DD1 (5.5y) is whizzing along with her reading and although I'm still reading more advanced chapter books to her (Roald Dahl, Enid Blyton etc), she wants some simpler ones to read on her own over the summer.

She's been enjoying the Iggy Pig series (Vivian French) and needs something on a similar level which she can read pretty much without help. She'd also be happy with some more difficult books that we can read together.

(And before you ask, yes, this is all coming from her, thanks )

Any suggestions?

usernametaken Tue 23-Jun-09 21:05:10

She may love the Rainbow Fairy books- large print, lots of pictures, easy text.

Iggy Pig was fun, DD loved those too. She then moved onto some Blue Banana books, then the Rainbow Fairies. You could always read a page each to get give her the confidence to read them entirely on her own.

Little Animal Ark (Lucy Daniels) books are excellent too, there are about 12 in the series. DD loved these but found the jump to the Animal Ark book a bit too big.

franch Tue 23-Jun-09 21:13:17

Thanks so much username, that's really helpful

morningpaper Tue 23-Jun-09 21:15:09

second Rainbow fairies

My Naughty Little sister also good

franch Tue 23-Jun-09 21:48:13

Thanks MP. Will probably start with Blue Bananas or something around that level so she doesn't get daunted. I think Rainbow Fairies and the others are something she could read to me, so I'll look at those too - but the Bananas books look great for her new habit of reading totally on her own

LadyGlencoraPalliser Tue 23-Jun-09 21:53:51

Ghastly old Rainbow Fairies are ideal for her to read to herself - because then you don't have to. Get them at Book People - they have sets of seven (Sporty Fairies and Dance Fairies at the moment I think) for £6.99. It's a mug's game buying them full price. The great thing about them is the vocabulary is so limited and repetitive that they build up reading confidence very fast.

franch Tue 23-Jun-09 22:12:16

Thanks LGP - will def do that - not sure she's quite ready to read those entirely on her own yet, but I may be wrong - just seems a bit of a leap from Iggy Pig?

LadyGlencoraPalliser Tue 23-Jun-09 22:20:49

I don't work for the Book People honest (though I am one of their best customers) but these Corgi Pups are good and this Michael Morpurgo set looks ideal too.

franch Tue 23-Jun-09 23:00:31

Don't worry LGP I am a big BP fan too! They do look good, thanks

Yurtgirl Tue 23-Jun-09 23:03:14

Noooooooooo Lady Glencora I am one of the Book Peoples best customers

I reccomend Dick King Smith - we have a set from BP - some easier some harder
The hodgeheg, George speaks - both excellent

Also "The owl who was afraid of the dark" and others by same author

usernametaken Thu 25-Jun-09 10:25:18

Oooo, I've been looking to get those Michael Morpurgo I can get the set on BP! Thanks for the link. Morpurgo is an excellent writer. Corgi Pups are also very good, they vary a lot in their reading levels but you can pick and choose. The library tends to have quite a few of these.

I understand the jump form Iggy Pig to the Fairy books or such. They may be able to read the words but the amount of text on the page can be overwhelming. Some kids have some tracking issues too where their eyes are not yet fully developed to read a whole page of writing. With the Fairy books you could read the side that has the full page of writing on it and DD could read the 'picture' side. She'll slowly build up the confidence that way.

Takver Thu 25-Jun-09 10:37:43

What about the Winnie the Witch chapter books? They are a step up from picture books but still loads of pictures and not too dense text. And smashing stories

franch Thu 25-Jun-09 12:03:45

Thanks so much username. And will have a look at Winnie the Witch too - thanks takver

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