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A lost rabbit

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AdoAnnie Sat 11-Apr-09 11:27:11

Does anyone remember a story about a rabbit who gets lost and his mummy finding him? It was read to me in the very early 70's. Thought it might be The Runaway Bunny' but now I'm not sure. Any other suggestions?

southeastastra Sat 11-Apr-09 11:29:07

had a book called the runaway but iirc bunny didn't come back

Flightattendant25 Sun 26-Apr-09 22:11:35

YES!! We have it. Well my mum does. It is big and green.

Will find out author for you if you're stilll about smile

hoffajl Fri 11-Sep-09 02:09:12

I am trying to find this same book too (at least I think it's the same one). The book I recall (read to me in the early 80s) was small, and was not The Runaway Bunny. The little rabbit hides or falls asleep behind a barrel in a store, and at the end the mother bunny says, "She hugged him and she spanked him and she said, 'where were you?'" Does this sound familiar? If you know it, please post the title and author!

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