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the only books DS1 has ever liked have been Anthony Horowitz...What else can I get him?

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KerryMumbles Wed 04-Mar-09 11:28:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TotalChaos Wed 04-Mar-09 11:32:37

possibly these:-

or the Eoin Colfer Artemis Fowl series.

Katisha Wed 04-Mar-09 11:34:29

DS1(9) has also devoured the Alex Riders recently.
He also likes the Roman Mysteries series, although not as obsessively.

KerryMumbles Wed 04-Mar-09 11:37:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

KerryMumbles Wed 04-Mar-09 11:38:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Katisha Wed 04-Mar-09 11:40:31

Caroline Lawrence. They have been dramatised on CBBC.

mice Wed 04-Mar-09 11:43:04

My so has just read about 10 of The Cherub series by Robert Muchamore in the last 2 weeks - they are very popular in his y6 class at the moment!

frogs Wed 04-Mar-09 11:47:40

Charlie Higson has written a series of books about young James Bond, which are not dissimilar.

EachPeachPearMum Wed 04-Mar-09 11:52:46

Was going to suggest Cherub series too!

mice Wed 04-Mar-09 12:04:31

Phillip Pullman ones too (Dark Materials trilogy Norther Lights, Subtle Knife, Amber Spyglass) and The Ruby in the smoke etc - depend on maturity etc aand what you are happy with my son was about 9 when he read these.

Charlie Higson great as frogs said too

KerryMumbles Wed 04-Mar-09 12:16:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Merrylegs Wed 04-Mar-09 12:30:02

My DS (now 13) loved the Alex Ryder books.

He didn't like Artemis Fowl so may have similar tastes to your DS!

I would second the Young James Bond books by Charlie Higson - good clean fun in a similar vein to Alex Ryder.

DS is really into 'The New Heroes' series by Michael Carroll, about a group of kids 'born to save the world'.

He also liked the 'Jimmy Coates' books by Joe Craig.

He has devoured the Cherub series by Robert Muchamore, but they do say on them 'not for younger readers'. This is because they deal with sex and drugs (I mean some of the teenage characters have sex and smoke drugs. Random quote - 'What would your dad say if he knew we'd been up on the roof having sex all night?")

Possibly why they are so popular with the yr 6 class!

I guess that would be your judgement call!

sunshinecity Wed 04-Mar-09 12:48:48

What Merry legs said, my ds loved Muchmore but kept asking about cocaine, condoms and the like. The pace of the stories kept him very engaged, but some of the details were way beyond his years (10 in early Jan).

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