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Were you a young teenager in the 70s? Do you recognise this book?

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scampadoodle Thu 12-Feb-09 19:55:11

I read this when I was about 12 (1977ish) but I don't know when it was originally published. It was American, about this really happy, close-knit family. One thing that happens is that one of the daughters is in a bad mood & takes her sister's(?) bike without asking but there's something wrong with it & she has a bad accident, ending up in hospital.

Does this ring any bells with anyone?


provinciallady Sat 14-Feb-09 14:13:28

I'm not sure if this is the book, as it's not American, but in 'Gemma and Sisters' by Noel Streatfeild, Lydia Robinson borrows her sister Ann's bicycle without permission and has a collision with a car, ending up in hospital with a hip injury. The book was first published in 1968, and in paperback by Fontana in 1973.

flyingmum Tue 17-Feb-09 22:46:33

It's not What Katy Did is it? That would be Edwardian but doesn't Katy have an awful accident???? Bit fuzzy about it now.

DesperatelySeekingSanity Wed 18-Feb-09 13:14:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

scampadoodle Sat 21-Feb-09 19:28:23

No, it's not the Noel Streatfields because I read those too & loved them. It was definitely American - New England or Connecticut or somewhere & it was modern - I also read the Katy books!

I'm never going to find it, am I?!

procrastinatingparent Sat 21-Feb-09 19:31:06

That plot is ringing very faint bells - but not enough to let me identify it.

Of course, as soon as someone says the title, I will recognise it immediately.

mynaughtylittlesister Sat 21-Feb-09 19:34:22

I am desperately trying to think of girls as a character in a book.

What about Ann of Greengables?

scampadoodle Sat 21-Feb-09 19:41:47

No, it was modern, or at least 1960s/70s. They were a lovely, close family (very unlike my own!), liberal...aargh! Why can't I remember?!

MaryQueenofArkansas Sat 21-Feb-09 19:46:14

It's not this is it?
It's a boy who is hit by the car, but the rest fits...

scampadoodle Sat 21-Feb-09 19:57:01

Good guess Mary, but no...

scampadoodle Sat 21-Feb-09 22:15:46

I found it! Had a sudden flash that it was 'Meet the..." something, so searched on Amazon & double-checked on Wikipedia. It's 'Meet the Austins' by Madeleine L'Engle, published in 1960. I'll check in the local library but they've got it for pennies used on Amazon.

Ain't t'Internet a wonderful thing!

bran Sat 21-Feb-09 22:18:03

I used to love Madeleine L'Engle books, especially a Wrinkle in Time. I haven't read that one though.

mynaughtylittlesister Sat 21-Feb-09 22:18:24

Glad you have found it.

Unfortunately I have never heard of it blush, but it did give me some happy memories looking for it!smile

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