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please recommend me a good dinosaur book so that I can tell ds their names

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deaconblue Wed 21-Jan-09 11:21:12

I haven't a clue. He's 2.9 and knows stegosaurus, T rex and the obvious ones but would love to know more

poshwellies Wed 21-Jan-09 11:28:27

Looks like quite a good one

My ds [6] has a dinosaur book and I still can't pronounce all of them blush grin

needanothername Wed 21-Jan-09 11:32:24

We have a brilliant M&S encyclopedia but not sure if you can still get it. Try ebay. Otherwise, get the Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs books as it has pics on the inside covers of quite a few. (With names)

vickyconfused Wed 21-Jan-09 11:34:40

Usborne Spotters Guides?
Top trumps game?

taliac Wed 21-Jan-09 11:35:10

Have you tried him with "Dinosaurs Love Underpants"??

Okay, its not exactly what you're looking for, but its great fun.

Lilyloo Wed 21-Jan-09 11:36:58

Harry and his bucketful of dinosaurs


Lilyloo Wed 21-Jan-09 11:37:39


Lilyloo Wed 21-Jan-09 11:39:13

A big list here

MilaMae Wed 21-Jan-09 14:13:48

How Do Dinosaurs Go To School?
How do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight?

both by Jane Yolen & Mark Teague

Clever illustrations with the names of all the dinosaurs listed at the frone and in tiny writing on most pages.

deaconblue Wed 21-Jan-09 19:59:26

1st one looks exactly what I want thank you. We have Harry but I find because the illustrations are quite cartoony I struggle to identify other apatosauruses etc

chloejessmeg Thu 22-Jan-09 21:43:02

Loads of dino books here


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