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Bookshelf needed - recommendations?

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lilQuidditchKel Sun 21-Dec-08 14:35:33

Reached the point where a bookshelf is necessary to store all the kids' books. Up till now we've tossed them all into a basket on the floor.
DS will be 3 and DD is 18mo.
Would like something in natural or white wood that won't fall apart after six months or tip over too easily. Or cost a fortune.
Any help? smilehmm

lilQuidditchKel Sun 21-Dec-08 15:05:15

this sort of bookcase would probably last a lifetime but I'm afraid of DD climbing it (she is a little monkey):


then there is this one which seems safe but it may not hold much or last more than a couple of years (but it is half the price)



GruffaloSoldier Wed 07-Jan-09 23:41:23

hi there,

there are also nice bookshelves for children here and here but the second one might be too girly! HTH

MilaMae Thu 08-Jan-09 13:08:21

The Tidybook bookshekves come in natural,white,blue or pink with or without letters. They hold 80something picture books apparantly. They have a 20% off sale on until the end of Jan ordered mine Sunday it came the next day shock. I ordered the plain white one,dd has a v small bedroom and as they are only 7cm depth it won't clutter her room at all.

The boys have Ikea natural wood Trofast units in their room,you can get a pack of 2 shelves to slot in instead of drawers. They are very deep so hold loads of picture books

amidaiwish Thu 08-Jan-09 14:06:44

we have the tidy books one and it is fantastic.
you can get it here with no delivery charge

Rascal1979 Fri 30-Jan-09 17:41:30

Ikea have some white ones - reasonable quality and cost around £30.

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