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Caroline and her Friends by Pierre Probst - does anyone know these books?

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MrsCamomile Thu 27-Nov-08 22:23:03

Does anyone remember reading any of the Caroline and Her Friends books by Pierre Probst (a Frenchman who illustrated a lot of the Enid Blyton books) as a child? I had one (early 1970s)which was my favourite ever book and which is now sadly lost. One of my earliest memories is of my granny, who lived with us, reading it to me. The books are now out of print in this country but I have wanted to find "my" Caroline book for ages and none of the ususal suspects (ie my friends who also love books) have ever heard of these books. I have seen pictures of the various ones on the internet and you can still get them in France but it would be great to know if anyone else out there remembers them (and loved them)....
Many thanks.

KirstyB Thu 25-Jun-09 13:18:34

Well how about that!
Someone else has seen a Caroline Book!!!
It is my most treasured book and I have had it all my life,it was my sisters before me and she is 48.
My children love it too and Im looking for another copy so they can both grow up with their own.I have a question though,I have Caroline and her Friends and the caramel coloured dog is called Chippy,is your copy the same?

librarymice Thu 25-Jun-09 16:00:06

I remember them but I am French so they were around quite a bit when I was a kid (although they are more from my older sister's generation). There is a copy on going for $999!

VeronikaMali Wed 04-Nov-09 09:35:54

Last week I have found an old book, which I remember from my childhood. Unfortunately the book is not binded and has missing first and last pages. So it took me some time to discover, who is the author and what is the name of the book. I have discovered It s a book of Caroline and her friends from 1963. It contents A camping holiday, The journey to the nort pole, A trip round Europe, At the ranch and Winter sports. It is quite mysterious how the book occured in my children’s library, without cover and not binded, because I was risen in communist Czechoslovakia and English books where not published or even imported. (And at that time I did not speak English and so did not understand it, but I loved it. )
Please may I ask someone to help me to restore the last – I think 6 pages? The book – the story named Winter sports -ends at the page 143 where I can see ½ of a picture – Caroline and her friends in the night, searching for Bobby. And at the previous page the story ends with the sentence: „ And since Bobby was so light, it carried him all the way down the mountain and in to the tiny village that nestled in the valley below.“ And that is all. Last pages are missing. Please, If you are also owner of that book, may I ask you to be so kind and copy for me the last pages and send them by e-mail? It would be nice, If I can bind the completed book and pass it to my three years old daughter.
On the other hand I know that nowdays nobody has enaugh time and I will understand if nobody has time for this.
Yours Sincerely

Veronika Jureckova, Czech Republic

Claudia474 Tue 10-Aug-10 17:37:30

I'm 55 and I was totally obsessed with this book the whole time I was in elementary school. I'd recheck it over andover from our school library. Sometimes they wouldn't let me recheck it and I would actually get depressed! I was just now looking for it and found a 1961 copy on Amazon for $995.00! OMGosh! Can you believe that my only thought was that I wish I had the money! I would buy it immediately!

JeffVadar Thu 12-Aug-10 14:55:38

I was intrigued by this thread although I had never of these books - even though I seem to be of the right age group.

However, I did find a few copies here on Abebooks, for considerably less than $995!

If your French is up to it they are still available from French Amazon too.

MammaHug Wed 22-Feb-12 05:58:12

Hi fellow Caroline and Her Friend Lovers!
My mom just found our very old, very loved and very worn Caroline book! We spent hours and hours pouring over it when we were little. I don't even remember reading it, but the stories the pictures told were so engaging and intriguing!
Veronika, I see it's been years since you asked, but are you still looking for the extra pages? I think I can help. Our copy goes to page 156, so there are quite a few more pages to the story! (It's different from the US version which goes to 150.)
I am also looking for page 88 and 89, part of the Europe story.
If anyone has a copy and could help us complete our stories it would be wonderful! (Of course, if anyone has a copy they don't mind parting with, I'd be ever so keen to have it!)
Thanks! thanks

michelleandchaz Wed 14-Aug-13 18:08:02

Just so you all know there is a copy on ebay for £99. I'm new so am unsure if I am allowed to post links. If I'm not allowed perhaps a mod could remove the link for me? Here it is anyway though x

VeronikaMali Sun 18-Nov-18 21:58:42

Page 88 and 89, part of the Europe story. For MammaHug ;-)

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