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The BFG - is it scary for a sensitive 5yo?

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Tinkjon Wed 29-Oct-08 20:14:05

I've started reading this with my daughter and we are just a few chapters in. Sophie has just met the Giant and he's talking about how other giants eat people and how they crunch their bones up (eeewww!!) and she was a bit taken aback by this (as was I, frankly!!) Is it like this throughout - does Sophie ever get into danger from other giants? I don't want to carry on reading it to her if it's going to be like that as she'll be disturbed by it.

SmugColditz Wed 29-Oct-08 20:16:28

yes. Sophie is in danger sometimes, and you know how Roald Dahl styled his writing - there is no dumbing down. It's a bit much if you have a sensitive soaul (although ds1 is thrilled at the Twits sinking into themselves, bbut the twits aren't very likeable!)

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