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xmas books for boy who turns 10 next month (not a great reader)

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KerryMumchingOnEyeballs Tue 28-Oct-08 21:25:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bigdonna Tue 28-Oct-08 23:15:27

anthony horowitz has lots of other books my ds 11 is reading them all again.

gigglewitch Tue 28-Oct-08 23:17:12

hitchikers guide to the galaxy?
how capable is he - does he have difficulty reading or is he just not 'into' it?

KerryMumchingOnEyeballs Tue 28-Oct-08 23:26:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

gigglewitch Tue 28-Oct-08 23:29:14

how about science/nature/space/cars/trains type non-fiction, whatever interests him?

KerryMumchingOnEyeballs Tue 28-Oct-08 23:41:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheFallenMadonna Tue 28-Oct-08 23:45:23

This is the gifted one yes?
How about this?
Not a children's book, but interesting I think.

soapbox Tue 28-Oct-08 23:45:31

The Young James Bond series are good. Would something like TinTin or Asterix be any good?

I do sympathise - both of mine are excellent readers but just don't really enjoy it much.

I am a bit ashamed to admit it, but I have started paying them extra pocket money for each book they finish!

So far it has worked wellblush

Julia Golding's books are a really good read, if he likes action stories.

KerryMumchingOnEyeballs Tue 28-Oct-08 23:47:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheFallenMadonna Tue 28-Oct-08 23:51:04

Sorry - "the gifted one" sounds a bit off. I just meant he could probably handle the style and content.

soapbox Tue 28-Oct-08 23:54:01

young bond

julia golding

soapbox Tue 28-Oct-08 23:55:08

Young James Bond books are very similar in style and topic to Alex Rider.

KerryMumchingOnEyeballs Wed 29-Oct-08 00:22:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

triggerfish Wed 29-Oct-08 00:36:30

my ds is nearly 8yrs and loves stuff like :
How to avoid a wombats bum
Dangerous book for boys
Ray Mears
Anything bushcrafty!
He is great at reading but sometimes just loves those kind of books as he doesn't have to think too much, just read and enjoy.

KerryMumchingOnEyeballs Wed 29-Oct-08 13:42:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

smellybunion Wed 29-Oct-08 13:49:42

this looks good in the flesh...snippits of ifo and lots and lots of detailed illistrations

i've got this for my ds for christmas...again, loads of info, explanations of how things work etc...fab!

smellybunion Wed 29-Oct-08 13:52:03


try again...

the second link

and the first!

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