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New Beast Quest series - money of at Waterstones

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wohmum Mon 13-Oct-08 21:54:49

my DS is obsessed with the Beast Quest series and has been asking for ages when the next ones are out - i spotted them yesterday on the waterstones website at 3.49 (rather than 4.99) .

Bargain, so I have ordered the full set! I can;t wait to see his face when they arrive!

captainofthemummies Tue 14-Oct-08 11:45:35

My ds3 Loves these books! They are the first set for ages to hold his attention. Ds3 is on the 19th book, series 3. Are there more?

wohmum Wed 15-Oct-08 21:55:36

Hi, your ds3 sounds like mine - he can't wait until they arrive! Problem is that he will want to read them continually until they are finished - we'll be lucky if each ne lasts more than a couple of days!!

I know it's not a bad thing really, I just wish he had interest in other books as well but haven't had much joy in interesting him in anything else - Hiccup the Horrendous Haddock was a hit for a while but nothing else just now. What else does your DS like ? any suggestions for us??

I think there are more coming next year - one in Feb and a new set in may.

Cadelaide Wed 15-Oct-08 21:57:56

What age please?

DS is 9 and a keen reader, any good?

captainofthemummies Thu 16-Oct-08 19:19:35

cade - my ds3 is 9 and a reluctant reader, but these books have really hooked him! Also the Capt Underpants books, and the Magic Treehouse books, which I think may be only available in the US or special order. But they are good, and short too.

wohmum Thu 16-Oct-08 20:57:12

Hi Cadelaide,

my ds is also 9 ! and he rattles through these probaby a bit too quickly - 3/4 through the first one after less than an hour so if your ds is a keen reader they may not hold his interest for long but he'll probably love them. They are also in tesco at 3.50.

the other series Ds1 has read are the Hiccup the Horrendous Haddock range about a viking and his pet dragon which are longer and more detailed. I think the first one is 'how to train your dragon' They are very funny according to ds.

For a keen reader how about the hobbit ? we are reading this togther - I read it at night to both ds1 and 2 and Ds1 reads it to himself during eth day and takes it to school . It's definitly a bit harder but he's really enjoying it and it's lasted a good few weeks.

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