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books to enourage 6yr DD to read out loud?

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lovecamping Mon 29-Sep-08 22:11:10

she doesnt like reading to me or DH and we do read to her loads. i'm getting tired to reading stuff to her all the time, especially when i know she can read it. she seems to be a reluctant reader and i'm beginning to call her that (which is not helping) ...

DH & I both love reading ... i just want to find some books to get her interested and 'want to know more' ....

you're all going to tell me i'm expecting too much, arent you grin

ChasingSquirrels Mon 29-Sep-08 22:16:59

yes - see other thread comments

ChasingSquirrels Mon 29-Sep-08 22:17:49

and no idea on girl books as I have boys - what about those rainbow fairy ones, lots of people have said they are dire but their girls love them.

lovecamping Mon 29-Sep-08 22:18:01

which threads should i be looking at? smile

lovecamping Mon 29-Sep-08 22:18:45

her auntie got her about 24 books last xmas but no interest ...

ChasingSquirrels Mon 29-Sep-08 22:22:57

sorry, didn't you post on the one I was raving about NG Kids on? Some ideas but basically saying to OP to just carry on reading to her ds.
was that 24 of the rainbow fairy ones - ekk
what about Roald Dahl, Mr Men, My naughty little sister, amelia jane

lovecamping Mon 29-Sep-08 22:28:12

i've heard of my naughty little sister and DD1 definitely has a litte sister that she considers naughty!! will have a look for it at the library.

yeps, that was me on the other post - didnt' get a response so thought i'd make up my own!!!
(not offended or anything, as i often answer the title and not read most of the posts blush)

christywhisty Tue 30-Sep-08 16:27:57

I think your expecting too much, children will read books when they are ready to enjoy them.

DS dyslexic (but taught phonics so reads well) and it has taken until he is 13 and suddenly become a bookworm

DD virtually taught herself to read but again didn't really read novels until about 8.

DS in particularly was much happier reading magazines and dipping into non fiction and they both listened to a lot of story tapes.

cornsilk Tue 30-Sep-08 16:30:21

Have you taken her to a book shop and let her choose her own?

shangrila Wed 01-Oct-08 11:47:36

The Happy Families series by Allan Ahlberg (sp?) are great. Lots of pictures, very easy but great to leave around the bedroom to encourage independent reading. You can get a great offer from The Book People, I recall. We did this and it really inspired my DD.

MingMingtheWonderPet Wed 01-Oct-08 11:53:51

Roald Dahl definitely, DS (7) loves them

This looks like a good set (might get it for DS!)

Can't say DS has read the Rainbow Magic Fairies series, but I know lots of his (girl)friends like them

Seeline Wed 01-Oct-08 11:54:40

What is she really into? Maybe she might prefer something factual rather than stories. But basically I wouldn't try and force her - she will do it when she is ready. Perhaps she isn't confident enough yet and is worried she will make mistakes in front of you. Keep reading to her though - maybe try a variety of material so that she is aware of all the different things to read.

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