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Does anyone remember this book and tape?

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Tidgypuds Sat 27-Sep-08 23:52:21

It was about a patchwork donkey and there was a story tape that came with it and the story was about friends. There were songs on the tape to with the same friends theme. My sister and I used to listen and read to this when we were younger and I would absolutley love to find it and give it to her as a gift.

I cant remember the name or anything to search for it. sad
Any ideas would be gratefully received.

Tidgypuds Sun 28-Sep-08 10:18:29

Bump for the sunday morning ladies.

OneBoyOneGirl Sun 28-Sep-08 10:24:07

I know what story you mean - am sure i had it in a story tape box set thingy collected from magazines, once upon a time....... or something it was called, about 8 tapes with books, im sure the patchwork donkey one was one of them, but they probably pinched the original version for the magazines - i will ask my brother as he is sure to remember more.

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