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charlie and lola - what age would you say they were for?

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olivo Tue 22-Jul-08 20:07:49

I'd like to get some for my niece, she is 3, nearly four. Would they be appropriate?

PortAndLemon Tue 22-Jul-08 20:14:04

Yes, I think they are fine for that age.

pinkteddy Tue 22-Jul-08 20:15:57

probably 4- 7 years. Even my 10 year old niece will watch (secretly!). But your niece will love reading the books.

seeker Tue 22-Jul-08 20:16:35

2 to 100!

CantSleepWontSleep Tue 22-Jul-08 20:17:18

My 2.5 yr old loves them, but think they will last a good few years for her yet.

keevamum Tue 22-Jul-08 20:18:52

My 2.2 year old loves them and can even recite one or two of her favourite ones from memory. She will love them.

Hulababy Tue 22-Jul-08 20:19:57

Age 2+

My 6y DD still likes to read the books to herself.

WinkyWinkola Tue 22-Jul-08 20:21:12

Sounds about the right age, OP.

3 yo DS has loved Charlie and Lola since he was 2. And the DVDs. He's entranced by them.

olivo Tue 22-Jul-08 20:22:14

thanks, seems like they should be just right. my dd is nearly two and has a few of them; i love them but her concentration span just isnt there yet! will definitely get some for my niece.

feelingharddoneby Mon 28-Jul-08 13:20:26

I got this from the book people The books are presented in a lovely slip case and its a bargain at £9.99

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