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Books for children about autism (again)

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Hathor Wed 25-Jun-08 10:59:10

Putting this here as well as in Special Needs topic:
Are there any good books about autism for primary age children? Children with ASD in dcs school are first of all just mates, but dc recently asked "what is "wrong" with them?" - meaning why do they have different behaviour.
I can explain a bit. Are there any good books on this subject?

anniebear Wed 25-Jun-08 19:28:11

I have one, cant remember where I put it, Im sure itws called Tommy???? was really good

sorry no use am I!!

anniebear Wed 25-Jun-08 19:30:04

found it

whats wrong with Timmy

By Maria Shriver

Just realised its not to do with Autism, the child in in has disabilities

is a good book though

anniebear Wed 25-Jun-08 19:31:27

(Tommy, Timmy......I was close lol)

getbackinyouryurtjimjams Wed 25-Jun-08 19:31:43

I've written a bit about books for siblings of kids with ASD's here. Some might be relevant.

Hathor Wed 25-Jun-08 19:35:22

I will look out for these. I also had some suggestions on the same q under Special Needs topic (which you can only get if you tick the box for SN topics).
Very helpful. Thanks

Sunnymama Mon 30-Jun-08 19:56:54

If it's for a good reader try 'The London Eye Mystery'. It's a great story and the main character also happens to be on the autistic spectrum.

artgirl73 Fri 11-Jul-08 15:44:11

"Ian's Walk" by L. Lears is a lovely picture book about a sister describing a walk with her brother and his different way of seeing the world. I work in a bookshop and have a daughter with autism with an older sister who sometimes has to try and explain her sister's behaviour to others - this book would have been great when she was younger. I'll be honest, it made me cry though!

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