What age for the Rainbow Fairy books ...

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Smithagain Mon 23-Jun-08 10:37:54

... I know, I know, they are not exactly literature. But DD1 is hooked, and she wants to have a Rainbow Fairies theme for her birthday party. She's going to be six.

Are the rest of her similar-aged friends likely to be into them too, or will they have already done that and moved onto something else. She's quite young for her age.

Bink Mon 23-Jun-08 10:50:15

Rising 6yos - yes, Rainbow Fairies should appeal to them all.

[Beware of what the parents may think, though ... hollow warning voice ... though you sound well prepared & have your perfect answer ready - that they will love it]

Smithagain Mon 23-Jun-08 10:53:20

Oh, I know Bink. I am going to be ostracised by at least one friend who is trying to wean her daughter off the blessed things grin

cazzybabs Mon 23-Jun-08 10:55:55

Yep - most of my year 1s were still into them. There is a fab website - you could print out some things for colouring in.

annasmami Mon 23-Jun-08 11:11:42

My dd (6) absolutely loves them and reads about one per night (even when she's supposed to turn the light off smile). I think all her Y1 friends still like them too.

And no, they're not excactly literature but they don't harm their reading skills either....

Smithagain Mon 23-Jun-08 17:42:31

Thanks everyone. Looks like we're on safe ground. And that website will definitely come in handy!

tigermeow Mon 23-Jun-08 22:38:53

http://www.rainbowmagiconline.com/uk/index.html is the website...the music gets to you after about 10minutes!
DD (age 3) loves the books...I, on the other hand, are finding the repetitive storyline a little annoying! There are over 63 in the series...be warned! lol
I call them 'kiddie chick lit'!

hana Mon 23-Jun-08 22:56:53

perfect age I would say
dd1 loves that website!

mymblemummy Tue 24-Jun-08 00:34:58


annasmami Tue 24-Jun-08 12:37:55

Just read somewhere that that the author Daisy Meadows doesn't actually exist - the books are written under that pseudonym by various writers.... and owned by Hit Entertainment shock..... That at least explains why there seems to an endless number of titles in the series...!

Hulababy Tue 24-Jun-08 12:41:15

5-7 years I reckon. At DD's school any of the reception children just getting into them; in Y1 many like them mainly to be read to by a willing parent, some just starting to read alone or with support; Y2 and Y3 reading them independently.

Yes, they are not the best literature ever - but if they like them and they want to read them - then why not? It certainly wo't harm their reading after all!

milliec Sat 28-Jun-08 20:45:10

Message withdrawn

pointydog Sat 28-Jun-08 20:47:38

I'd say 6 is a good age for it

bozza Sat 28-Jun-08 20:51:40

Look on the book people website you might be able to get a multipack (I got one once - 10 books for £10) to go in the party bags.

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