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Enid Blyton (FF & SS) - obsessed with food. Discuss.

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justkeepswimming Fri 20-Jun-08 20:35:48

I have been rereading all the Famous Five & Secret Seven books (my DH kept them from when he was a kid & his parents have been clearing out their loft, lol).
Have been chatting to DH about the level of detail she goes into about food.
I mean did people actually normally eat 4 meals a day (bfast, 'dinner', tea and 'supper') ?
Or was she just obsessed with food?
He thought that maybe it was almost like propaganda, given that they started just after WW2, so most people would have been on rations, so it made people feel better to read about lots of food?

What does anyone think?

(leaving aside all sexist crap references for now!)

Botbot Fri 20-Jun-08 20:36:53

All I remember is that they always carried salt with them for their picnics in a little twist of paper. I loved that detail.

constancereader Fri 20-Jun-08 20:39:09

I remember the tongue sandwiches <boak>
And the fact that the evil person was always 'swarthy'.
I loved the Famous Five though, the Secret Seven were too suburban. The Five had more exotic locations.

Othersideofthechannel Fri 20-Jun-08 20:41:07

I remember the hunks of gingerbread and the lashings of ginger beer.

justkeepswimming Fri 20-Jun-08 20:41:16

i can't get to them atm as in ds2's bedroom, but if i could i would quote from them.
they rave about radishes, and crisp lettuce, and sides of ham.
and for tea they seem to be allowed to gorge on cakes, buns, scones and biscuits! a whole meal of junk food, fab!

and they drink tea and coffe - surely not wise at pre-teen-ness?

justkeepswimming Fri 20-Jun-08 20:41:57

always lashings grin

and munching on chocolate

Othersideofthechannel Fri 20-Jun-08 20:41:59

I think people did have afternoon tea and supper then. They were more active and lived in colder houses so presumably used up more energy.

procrastinatingparent Fri 20-Jun-08 20:42:18

I once read a theory that there is food in children's books (esp but not only Enid Blyton) works in the same way as sex in grown-up fiction, to spice up (ha!) the narrative.

Don't know if I believe it, mind.

Soapbox Fri 20-Jun-08 20:42:31

I think they were just coming out of a period where food was very scarce and it is quite possible that people were food obsessed.

My father recalls being starving hungry as a child during the war. He said nothing ever really filled him up! He was obsessed by flipping potatoes all his life and I suspect it was filling the hole in his stomach that he never could as a child!

justkeepswimming Fri 20-Jun-08 20:42:40

and halfway through the SS, Janet seems to have made fresh lemonade about 10 times already - did people really?

BetteNoire Fri 20-Jun-08 20:43:26

They always shared their rations with their dogs though.
In fact the dogs had more rights than the girls. grin

constancereader Fri 20-Jun-08 20:44:01

oh the fresh lemonade! Children in EB were always making that. I remember trying to persuade my mother to let me do it.

onepieceoflollipop Fri 20-Jun-08 20:44:13

Didn't they do things like wander to nearby farmhouses and pay 20p for a huge basket of food - like whole sides of ham and dozens of hard boiled eggs etc?

All that home baking as well. Yum.

justkeepswimming Fri 20-Jun-08 20:44:33

strange that timmy was a member of the FF but scamper isn't a member of the SS tho?

but yes, the dogs eat ridiculous stuff.

the mums/cooks are always baking too, realli should bake more

TurkeyLurkey Fri 20-Jun-08 20:46:28

I was reading "The WIshing Chair" the other day. I thought "supper" was something dead grand but all the children had was bananas in milk.

I think the kids lived on bread, jam, scones, ginger biscuits etc whilst the adults lived it up on 3 course meals of roasts and boef wellington etc.....

Feenie Fri 20-Jun-08 20:46:50

I think you are right about the obsession. Very detailed midnight feasts in Malory Towers and St Claires's - tinned peaches, tinned sardines (somehow tasted nicer together! hmm and a frying pan smuggled in to fry sausages, ffs! (Surely the smell of frying sausages would have woken the whole school....)
Five Findouters and dog - Fatty was always treating everyone to double rounds of macaroons and lemonade.
Lmao about tongue sandwiches - can remember not knowing what they were and asking my dad, yep [vomit emoticon]
I loved all of them and read everyone about 800 times!

justkeepswimming Fri 20-Jun-08 20:47:51

yes lollipop - in the FF particularly they bought food of random farmers wives who were always rosy-cheeked and fab chefs - and they paid hardly anything!

stillwaiting Fri 20-Jun-08 20:49:19

Every time the get off a train they go to the cafe for ices.

SlartyBartFast Fri 20-Jun-08 20:50:37

and the high tea grin
didnt she go on about it though?
get to the point of the story woman,
though i did enjoy them, but particularly Malory Towers, perhaps that had less food references than the famous five,

justkeepswimming Fri 20-Jun-08 20:50:49

oh turkey - i must dig out the wishing chair! then the faraway tree...
so many to read, will have to start taking them out from the library once i've finished dh's supply - they will think i'm weird tho won't they?

SlartyBartFast Fri 20-Jun-08 20:52:12

god some of you have marvellous memories,
or are you secretly reading them again,, or not so secretly grin

onepieceoflollipop Fri 20-Jun-08 20:52:27

The Faraway Tree had lovely stories of special teas with things like orange and lemon sandwiches and various yummy cakes etc.

justkeepswimming Fri 20-Jun-08 20:53:45

well i'm only reading them at home - if i was commuting on the tube would have to hide them inside a cool bookgrin

TurkeyLurkey Fri 20-Jun-08 20:53:59

You can find them in charity shops all the time, we've got all ours from there..we've got The Faraway tree too <<brag>>

TurkeyLurkey Fri 20-Jun-08 20:54:54

Toffee shocks...

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