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99 Green dragons... please reassure me that i am not going mad.....

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Raahh Thu 19-Jun-08 19:32:29

I have a list of boks i read at school, about 7/8, so we're going back nearly 30 years, and have so far found

the last of the really great wang doodles
Rebeccas world (though i a can't afford to buy it, but at least i know it DID exist!)smile

and am struggling to find this one---

i'm sure it was called 99 green dragons , was about a brother and sister who couldn't get to sleep, so the girl counted sheep, and the boy dragons. In their dreams, they then dreamt of 2 lands (the duvet covers on their beds), separated by a ravine that tasted minty...(they split the tooth mug of water) with dragons attacking the land of sheep

I know this must have existed- my imagination isn't that great!!!

Anyone else remember it?

Boyswillbeboys Fri 20-Jun-08 10:53:18

Sorry, haven't heard of 99 green dragons, sounds great though! I do know Rebecca's World - was the first book I managed to read in one day and I absolutely loved it. My six year old son has been reading the Billy Blue Hat / Roger Red Hat books at school and I remember them so well - they were only just published when I started reading them, can't believe that schools are still using them!

Raahh Fri 20-Jun-08 11:40:44

i loved rebeccas world, and it was one that for years i tried to track down- finally found it and found out was by Terry Nation ( of Dr who fame), although the dates didn't seem to fit, iyswim, but memories can play tricks. I found a copy for $224 on amazon !!!!!!!!!

Raahh Fri 20-Jun-08 11:47:41

i have just 99 greeen dragons for the zillionth time- and it bought up this post!!!!i feel like i have arrived ....grin

Raahh Fri 20-Jun-08 11:48:12

i have just GOOGLED ...

Inquisitive Fri 20-Jun-08 11:52:59

Yes - I remember that book! I've never come across anyone else who remembers it! One of the two lands had red flowers and the other had blue because the kids duvet covers had those colours on, and one of the lands had a mountain and a cave because one of the kids slept on their back with their knees up. I'd forgotten about there being dragons...

Abebooks have a booksleuth forum, and the people on there are usually pretty good at tracking down lost books - might be worth trying?

Raahh Fri 20-Jun-08 12:08:20

ooh thank you- i for got about the cave! hank goodness i'm not the only one! I'm sure it was on jackanory. I bought it from school when we used to have a 'puffin club' magazine.
I will try booksleuth- thanks!

patriciawentworthheroine Fri 10-Oct-08 19:09:04

i love 99 dragons and have a paperback copy i found in a charity shop. i think it was written by barbara sleigh who wqrote the fabulous carbonel series. sorry i am typing with one hand with screaming baby on other arm!

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