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Recommend books for 10yo please

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GoldStarAngel Tue 26-Jan-21 23:01:53

She is super bright but not a voracious reader by any means. Her favourites are the Wimpy Kid books and she has read each one about five times. Likes Tom Gates. Doesn’t like Dork Diaries. She says tell you she doesn’t like Roald Dahl or David Walliams and has read all the Jaqueline Wilson books she intends to! (She has views!!). She is not interested in things I loved - Noel Streatfeild, Enid Blyton, Judy Blume). She loves Harry Potter but doesn’t want to read beyond Book 5 at the moment. She said say she likes books that are informal, clear and paint a clear picture. I am a bit stumped...

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arethereanyleftatall Tue 26-Jan-21 23:17:29

Mine loves Anne of green gables. There's 7 books in total - the first one being the famous one but the rest are fab too. She loves them. Plus she loved the secret garden/little princess/Lord Fauntleroy series - Louisa may hodgson.

BeBesideTheSea Tue 26-Jan-21 23:20:19

Sounds just like my DS a couple of years ago. He loved The Bolds series by Julian Clary. And 13 Story Treehouse series

Sandseasurfsun Tue 26-Jan-21 23:20:50

The Explorer - Katherine Rundell
Where the World Turns Wild - Nicola Penfold

DD is in Yr 6 and starting to pick from the Young Adult section too. She loved Malorie Blackman Noughts and Crosses series and Girl, Missing by Sophie McKenzie

LadyStarlight Tue 26-Jan-21 23:47:12

My 10 yo loves Tom Fletcher, her favourite is The Creakers. It's a really fun read, not too heavy going.

Fivemoreminutes1 Wed 27-Jan-21 06:00:50

Pippa Morgan’s Diary
Indie Kidd series by Karen McCombie
Get Me Out of Witch School
Dear Dumb Diary
The Nothing To See Here Hotel
Chips, Beans and Limousines
The Train To Impossible Places
Anisha Accidental Detective
Super Miraculous Journey of Freddie Yates

Guardup Wed 27-Jan-21 06:05:29

My daughter loves Helen Peters- Anna at war and Evie’s Ghost were fab- I enjoyed them too

Fooshufflewickjbannanapants Wed 27-Jan-21 06:23:31

Rick riordan

davidsSchitt Wed 27-Jan-21 06:37:33

Barry Loser reminds me of Wimpy Kid.

As well as the David Baddiel books

reefedsail Wed 27-Jan-21 06:42:27

My 10 year old DS's favourite books are the Hunger Games and Maze Runner series.

Maybe your DD is ready for something more grown up that would catch her interest? I would say Wimpy Kid etc are aimed at 7/8 year olds.

SunnySomer Wed 27-Jan-21 06:46:21

Frank Cotterell-Boyce’s books eg Cosmic or Framed are good. Funny, readable, pacy.

badpuma Wed 27-Jan-21 06:49:00

Another vote for Rick Riordan. Both my two have loved the Percy Jackson books

tarheelbaby Wed 27-Jan-21 07:12:29

My DD is 10/yr6. She likes the Murder Most Ladylike series.
She has enjoyed the Little House books (I read them to her ages ago).
Currently, at bedtime we are working through the James Herriot books (All things bright & beautiful). She loves animals.
She has read Harry Potter and seen the films.
She has read Dork Diaries.
She sometimes reads Ruby Redford and Clarice Bean (bit easy)
Would your DD like C.S. Lewis (Lion, Witch & Wardrobe)? (the Harry Potter of our day)
The Series of Unfortunate Events?

NameSwap21 Wed 27-Jan-21 07:15:29

The treehouse books are good
Currently reading Wonderscape
Michael Morpurgo is good - we like Kensuke's kingdom

cloudcett Wed 27-Jan-21 07:19:12

I have a 10 nearly 11 year old DD, she is an avid reader, although fairly average ability. She loves all the Katherine Rundell books. Some other favourites recently have been :
The unadoptables by Hana Tooke
What not to do if you turn invisible by Ross Welford
A girl called Owl by Amy Wilson
Snowglobe by Amy Wilson
The girl of ink and stars

I'm sure they're loads more, I just can't think of them right now!

Dilbertian Wed 27-Jan-21 07:24:25

The Mr Gumm books by Andy Stanton.

The Little House series by Laura Ingals Wilder.

Jessicabrassica Wed 27-Jan-21 07:32:41

9yo loves Rick riodan, Tree House series, the graphic novels of his dark materials, the Sophie Anderson books, Harry Potter etc

11yo loves crime so scarlet and ivy, justice Jones, but also Emma caroll, vashti Hardy, abi Elphinstone, the Nevermoor books, punch of magic series...

GoldStarAngel Wed 27-Jan-21 08:57:42

This is brilliant thank you. I will look them all up. I wish charity shops were open again - I love having a book list and finding them

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LucasLeesEyebrows Sat 30-Jan-21 10:04:53

My DD is nine and in year 4. She is an avid reader and I sometimes struggle to keep up with her. She’s finished the Harry Potter series and, recently, the Nevermoor series, which she absolutely loved. She’s currently on the last in the His Dark Materials trilogy, which she is also loving. My mum bought her Little Women for her birthday and MiL bought her the Land of Stories set by Chris Colfer (it has amazing reviews on Amazon) and The Chronicles of Narnia. She has yet to read these.

Squiz81 Sat 30-Jan-21 22:03:37

My ds has similar tastes as he also likes

The Mr Gum series (Andy Stanton)
Treehouse series (Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton)
Timmy failure series (Stephan Pastis)
Kay’s Anatomy
Horrible histories
Danger is everywhere series

Zilla1 Sun 31-Jan-21 10:46:37

Artemis Fowl and agree Rick Riordan Percy Jackson and others and the Unladylike even though the author is a little .....

Good luck.

lathburg Fri 12-Mar-21 11:30:57

Tricky brief! We love and with your daughter wanting them to paint a clear picture these books deffo do that. Amazing description and great illustrations - my son is thrilled to have a book for his age that still has pictures in and finds the grisly fates of the children hilarious...!

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